Baby Boomer Starts Fashion/Style Blog Hoping to Turn Back Time

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StyleMentor.US, a new fashion and style blog is launched by a baby boomer who believes the past should be a goal for the future, highlighting hats, gloves and stockings as a new look for both young and old.


Women my age are encouraged to dress like they stepped off the runway when all we want is to look elegant, refined and feel good wearing clothes that actually cover our bodies

Fashion has taken many strides in the last two decades and anyone who is a Baby Boomer has seen a complete turn around in what was once called clothing, but is now referred to as "style".

The tailors of long ago and their genius with customizing clothing to each individual body has almost become extinct. With surging machines in overdrive, constructing stolen art from the runways, what was meant for the perfect canvases are now produced as "knock offs" and eagerly scooped up by the masses.

The spandex, t-shirt, tank top, short-shorts and mini skirts that are seen everywhere are not being embraced by many of the Baby Boomer generation, however.

Baby Boomers are being vocal about their tiring of the tiny skirts, sleeveless tops and even the removal of hosiery. The norm for women getting dressed up just a few decades ago included stockings, hats, and sometimes gloves but in 2012, that type of dressing has been just about lost, much to one baby boomer's dismay.

"I have talked to hundreds of women about this over the last decade and they tell me the same thing. They can't find a wide variety of clothes that are suitable anymore. They are giving up and wearing what is available, even when they don't really like it. Women my age are encouraged to dress like they stepped off the runway when all we want is to look elegant, refined and feel good wearing clothes that actually cover our bodies. That is what makes us feel special - refined clothing", states Mrs. Adler.

Baby Boomers are not from the generation of body art. For many Boomer woman, classic jewelry, a nice dress, pretty shoes and even a hat is adornment enough. Boomers don't understand why designers won't target the older generation.

"It makes no sense to me. We are the ones with disposable income, so why not give us what we want?", states Rachel {pronounced Raw-kul} Adler, blogger at StyleMentor.US, a new site focused on bringing back a norm of hats, gloves, dresses and especially stockings.

Rachel says, "I know I am over the top with my seamed hose and hats. I wear them all the time. My hope though, is that I can influence all women to dress up again, wear stockings and take pride in taking time to dress before they step out. I think this generation needs to see that. We are too casual with too many things and our dress is certainly one of them."

The clothes make the man (and the woman) and this style blogger is not kidding when she says she wants to bring back hats, hose and gloves. The blog is rich with photos, videos and a baby boomer who blogs and laughs about the realities of growing old.

Rachel {pronounced raw-kul} Adler, CEO, CPC is on a mission to bring back truly elegant and refined style. She is a certified professional coach, mentor and style maker who has loved fashion since she was a little girl. Visit StyleMentor.US for elegant dress inspiration and a good laugh from a Baby Boomer who is "not aging so gracefully".

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