Spark Design Awards Begin New Era

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Five new Spark competitions launched, covering key design disciplines. Call For Entries active and accepting new work.

We encourage things that improve the quality of life.

“This is the unprecedented, simultaneous launch of five new design competitions,” Spark spokesperson, Clark Kellogg said in a recent interview. “In our sixth year we've decided to shake up the competition. Our intention is to better serve the design community by tightly focusing on their needs.”

Spark reports that it now offers five separate and distinct new competitions to fit every design discipline. Spark management feels this will give each area the attention it deserves, including specific entry categories and juries. The new Competitions are:

"Spark:Concept" –for work that is in the idea or proposal stage. This includes architectural proposals, concept cars and student work.

Spark:Communication” –focused on 2-D design: Graphic, Package, Brand, UX, UI and UE, Advertising, Motion and Environmental/signage design.

Spark:Product” –focused on 3-D, Product and Industrial Design.

Spark:Space” –focused on Architecture, Interiors, Urban Design and Landscape.

"Spark:Mobility" –explores the rapidly expanding universe of transportation. Our focus will be on developments that are “green,” in the sense that they exemplify a commitment to using natural resources more efficiently.

Spark is focusing on these disciplines to make it easier for designers to enter. However, Spark is still very much "post-discipline" and sees design without boundaries. At the year-end All:Sparks Award, every winner from the year will be judged by our Alumni Jurists. They will pick the three most significant designs from the year and celebrate Spark as the "One For All."

“All of these competitions are guided by simple, aspirational criteria, pointed out Peter Kuchnicki, founder of the Spark Awards. "We encourage things that improve the quality of life. Designs that help create joy, beauty, solve a problem, enhance efficiency and save the world.”

Next Steps For The Spark Team
“This roll-out is as challenging as it is exciting” said Kuchnicki. “We even have a new website, and are already accepting entries. It is actually a very good idea to enter during this early phase. Not only is the cost substantially lower, but entries are displayed for an extended period in the popular Spark Gallery. To start, you have to register at the site.“

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Additional Spark Data:
What is SPARK?
Spark is first and foremost a community of designers and creative people, bound together by the idea that Design can make significant, positive changes in the world and help make it better. The way we promote this Good Design is through the annual organization of international design competitions, exhibitions, blogs and workshops.

What makes SPARK unique?
Spark is unique in a world of many design competitions because it is multi-disciplinary, reflecting the modern fact that most designers work on teams in this fashion. Spark is also “One For All,” in that we seek out the best designs from all levels of society, from amateurs to the most experienced. Spark sees technology as a great enabling tool, that is helping all of society to be more creative, productive and innovative. Spark is “aspirational,” believing that design is a process for improving our life and the planet we live on.

Why we need SPARK
No other group or competition pursues this broad and ambitious agenda. There are many fine, major competitions, but they tend to be narrowly focused on commercial promotion, regional representation or specific disciplines. Spark is aspirational, international and trans-discipline. Many in the Spark community consider this the most contemporary approach, one that agrees with their own modern experience and sensibility.

Who supports SPARK?
Spark has always enjoyed the friendship and partnership of forward-thinking individuals, schools and companies. The Spark Advisory Council, Community Boards and Juries include some of the greatest of designers and some of the hottest young talent. Spark corporate support includes companies like Hewlett-Packard and Autodesk, who create and promote a vast range of creative tools for every level of designer.

Spark works with major schools and universities, assisting in co-promotion of events, interchange programs and advanced studies.

Spark has strong relations with important design media like ArchNewsNow, Archinect, Curve Magazine, Design 360, Taxi and Yanko Design. Spark is also very proud of its association partners, Guangdong Industrial Design Association and the Hong Kong Designers Association. This is an opportunity for increased collaboration and sharing of design DNA.

Spark is a young competition, now in its sixth cycle, yet participants have flocked to it from around the world. Top designers, design firms and companies all compete for the highest honors that Spark bestows.

Why companies join SPARK
To explore what “Design that Makes a Difference” can offer their marketing efforts. This can help their in-house designers keep in touch with the latest trends in design theory and application. Spark also helps companies that are making an effort in eco-conscious design to communicate that to the world. The Spark Judging Criteria are the first serious attempt to outline and measure the important considerations that designers must include to be relevant in this new era.

Why professionals join Spark
In similar fashion, professionals gain greater understanding of the progress being achieved in the world of Better Design. They can see the most modern work, and have their own work judged in context to it. Only a very few entrants will win a top Spark! Award, but all who take part gain a deeper understanding of inter-connected world. The key thing most designers agree on—that it’s very important to “get the work out there.” Spark provides the most modern context for that work.

Why students should join SPARK
Students are the young green trees that will grow to mighty size, with time and the right experience, Exposure to the Spark competitions and community offers a valuable modern context for young designers, and helps them gain recognition for their efforts. Over time, young designers closely observe a steady river of the finest contemporary design, helping them understand—and ultimately take part in the international community of design, brand and innovation. Already, student entries make up a significant portion of Spark winners—and some of its best work.

What designers gain from SPARK
An opportunity to take part in a great new wave of design, and to help form a community that supports and promotes a strong and modern design consciousness. Not American, not European, not Asian—but worldwide.

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