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Over 100,000 users and clinical scientists have enjoyed the benefits of Procera AVH. Their stories and feedback have now been shared on

Procera AVH

Procera AVH™

Just wanted you to know that after taking PROCERA daily for 2 weeks prior to taking my Jurisprudence portion of the Arizona Board of Pharmacy; the RECALL I experienced was near FANTASTIC. My memory recall ability was crystal clear...

Procera AVH has received such an overwhelming response from their customers that they felt they just had to share their stories and feedback with the public. Procera AVH Reviews was opened to allow people to read real reviews from real customers of Procera AVH.

Consider this just in from a 70 year old retired clinical pharmacist, who had to go back and pass his board exams in order to go back to work.

“Just wanted you to know that after taking PROCERA daily for 2 weeks prior to taking my Jurisprudence portion of the Arizona Board of Pharmacy; the RECALL I experienced was near FANTASTIC. My memory recall ability was crystal clear as the three hour test was exhausting, but I could remember facts that allowed me to pass the test."
Dr. Gene Steiner, PharmD, Sedona, AZ

Is Procera AVH a scam?

Over 100,000 users and clinical scientists don't seem to think so. Of course there is also plenty of science, actually over 50 years, backing up the 3 powerful ingredients in Procera AVH.

It all starts with Clinically Tested Ingredients

Josh Reynolds, the inventor of Procera (with valuable input from a team of brain doctors, such as a famous neurosurgeon from Harvard Medical School, and neurologists and psychologists from other med schools, e.g., UCLA and Scripps) researched over 100 putative brain specific ingredients. He then put about a dozen of the best candidates through rigorous, double blind clinical trials with thousands of participants, in order to isolate the best of the best. The result - three “miracle memory molecules” that Reynold's studies revealed to be the very best ingredients; Acetyl-l-carnitine, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A (“AVH”).

But, as any good neuro-chemist knows, “proven” individual ingredients don’t always mix well, like oil and water. And, they have to be mixed in precise ratios and amounts to optimize synergy between the ingredients for optimal cognitive performance and brain health and safety. Reynolds, who was already known for having created almost a half dozen clinically tested and validated “brain pills”, or “”cognitive enhancers”, such as MemRx, knew just how to decipher the results of dozens of prior clinical studies in order to come up with what he believed would be the perfect, safe and effective formula using the AVH ingredients.

Evidence of Efficacy

Next, Reynolds and his company, Brain Research Labs, mustered up the capital necessary to conduct a real, legitimate double blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial with a major Research University. They took their new formula, called Procera AVH, to the prestigious Brain Sciences Institute in Melbourne, Australia which is home to some of the world’s top brain scientists and cognitive researchers, like Dr. Con Stough. The institute also boasts some of the most advanced equipment, such as the latest PET scan brain imagers and computerized cognitive tests, which have been used in over 100 studies on drugs and nutraceuticals, with results published worldwide.

The rest is history. In just 30 days Procera AVH was not only shown to improve memory, the group (average age 50) taking Procera regained the “memory power” of a group 35 years old, or 15 years younger! What’s more, Procera produced improvements in focus and concentration, mental energy and clarity, and even mood, a robust effect none of the researchers ever expected.

Publish or Perish

As unique as (the very) few legitimate clinical studies are in the nutraceutical field (because of high cost and poor clinical performance of most supplements), and even fewer in brain supplements field, getting published in a peer reviewed medical journal is even harder. The smart consumer should think twice about buying a supplement that makes claims they can’t prove.

The landmark Procera AVH clinical study was published in the peer reviewed journal, JANA (Jnl American Nutraceutical Ass.).

For more information about Procera AVH and Brain Research Labs please visit

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