Mind Over Matter or Just a “State of Mind”

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Paralyzed woman controls robotic arm with her mind, heralding technology to come in Sven Michael Davison’s recently published “State of Mind.”

"State of Mind" book cover

I love the use of the future technology here, all of it is based on research and development that is going on right now, like the automatic self driving car...

Sven Michael Davison’s recently published novel “State of Mind” shows us a world filled with technological advances currently in development today and how they will affect a society of the near tomorrow. The novel’s central plot device is a chip that is implanted in the brain to give the user all the benefits of a smart phone, plus the ability to regulate the body’s biochemistry in thousands of beneficial ways. It’s also a portal to track your every move and has the downside of allowing hackers into your head.

Sound farfetched? MSN released this article on May 16, 2012 about a paralyzed woman who gets a robotic arm that she can control with her mind. A few months back, Google announced their augmented reality glasses that will give the user a heads up display, and track an individual’s movements in order to feed personalized content as he or she navigates through daily life. Next stop; put it all in your head.

“I love the use of the future technology here, all of it is based on research and development that is going on right now, like the automatic self driving car (being introduced in London Heathrow Airport car parks this year and trailed by Google earlier in the year) the maglev trains (already in use in Japan) and all in one technology device which merges computer, mobile, games machine, TV etc all into one device that can be altered to suit it’s use (something that is seen in the ultimate path the smart phone will take).” Antony Jones http://sfbook.com/state-of-mind.htm

“State of Mind” is a cautionary tale that examines the loss of freedom in a classic post-industrial dystopia. Jake Travissi, a fallen hero, is given a rare second chance at redemption. The price? Volunteer to have a computer chip implanted in his brain and join Homeland Security’s experimental Enhanced Unit.

Davison wrestles with many of the most compelling themes of cyberpunk genre today: Should we embrace every technological advance without question? Should humankind blend itself physically with machines? What does freedom really mean? All of these questions are answered within a vivid tapestry where the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world have dissolved.

“State of Union,” the sequel to “State of Mind” is still on track for release in late fall of this year. The third installment of the “God Head Trilogy” will be released in the early spring of 2013. That title will be announced around the time “State of Union” is published.

“Dreams, Faith & Ammunition,” Davison’s historical fiction novel will be released in late spring. Details on the publishing date as well as other related topics are coming soon.

Sven Davison is a full time husband, father, and manager in a creative design agency in Los Angeles. He has written screenplays, trailers and special feature content for DVD and Blu-ray. “State of Mind” is his second novel.

“State of Mind” is a finalist and winner of two Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards.

“A thoughtfully composed piece of cyberpunk that will please readers of both science fiction and noir.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Davison’s Los Angeles is pulpy- vibrant, an unforgettable wasteland. State of Mind is the world of the near future, the horrible synthesis of human desire and the technology to make it a reality. – ForeWord Reviews

“This book deserves to go directly to the ‘Top Ten Best Sellers List.’” – Deb Shunamon, Reader Views.

“There are some crazy twists and turns in this novel and the end? One word… WOW. It totally blew me away. There are plenty of shocking, hanging on the edge of my seats moments.” – Alice Bola, girls just reading

“State of Mind” is a tense, thoughtful and well-paced sci-fi tale drawn from Davison’s life, imagination and his experiences with technological innovation. – Pod Cast Interview by Bryan Reesman    

For more information visit http://www.stateofmindbook.com

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