Forgiveness On The Air Through The Chimes Of Freedom In The Winds of Peace

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A Course In Miracles International Launches Online Radio Broadcasts

International Forgiveness Week and Weekend of Perfect Peace

You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness. No learning is acquired by anyone unless he wants to learn it and believes in some way that he needs it.

Illuminate Teachers of God from A Course In Miracles International have begun a series of daily broadcasts of lessons in forgiveness, using the online radio website,

The broadcasts comprising episodes of the “International Forgiveness Week Show”, began as scheduled at 4:00 PM CDT on Thursday, May 17, 2012 and will continue daily at the same time for the next four months through the ten days of International Forgiveness Week and Weekend of Perfect Peace (September 14 -23, 2012).

According to event coordinator, Jubi, “the aim of these broadcasts is the experience of perfect peace, a state quite unlike, and far beyond anything the world has to offer. The way is forgiveness, and all the teachers we meet on the show are in the experience of the transformation and illumination of their minds, through the continuing action of forgiveness or the ever expanding awareness of Love's Presence.”

Explained Jubi, “The action of forgiveness shakes loose the the seeming gridlock of false assumptions upon which is based our individual existence as physical beings in space and time. Through forgiveness, the mind is restored to an awareness of its wholeness and perfection. Perception is essentially healed, and Love is remembered.

“Our listeners are those who have become willing to momentarily lay aside all their fear, judgments, grievances and prejudices and open their minds and hearts to a brand new experience of true Love.”

Jubi continued, “As our mentor, brother, friend, and savior, Jesus Christ states in A Course In Miracles, 'You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness. No learning is acquired by anyone unless he wants to learn it and believes in some way that he needs it.'

“'Jesus goes on to say, 'God's peace is recognized at first by just one thing; in every way it is totally unlike all previous experiences. It calls to mind nothing that went before. It brings with it no past associations. It is a new thing entirely. There is a contrast, yes, between this thing and all the past. But strangely, it is not a contrast of true differences. The past just slips away, and in its place is everlasting quiet. Only that. The contrast first perceived has merely gone. Quiet has reached to cover everything.

“'How is this quiet found? No one can fail to find it who but seeks out its conditions. God's peace can never come where anger is, for anger must deny that peace exists. Who sees anger as justified in any way or any circumstance proclaims that peace is meaningless, and must believe that it cannot exist. In this condition, peace cannot be found. Therefore, forgiveness is the necessary condition for finding the peace of God. More than this, given forgiveness there must be peace. For what except attack will lead to war? And what but peace is opposite to war? Here the initial contrast stands out clear and apparent. Yet when peace is found, the war is meaningless. And it is conflict now that is perceived as nonexistent and unreal.'”

The “International Forgiveness Week Show” is broadcast daily at 4:00 PM CDT from the Spreaker Online Radio Website. All Episodes of the show can be heard and or downloaded at and at
International Forgiveness Week and the Weekend of Perfect Peace will be observed worldwide on September 14 – 23, 2012.

For the ten days, A Course In Miracles International will hold special celebration events at the Miracles Healing Center in Wisconsin Dells, WI and in affiliate centers around the world.

For more information about all planned events, and how you can participate, visit


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