64 Year Old Award-Winning Author Raps a New Hilarious Poker Hip Hop Song on Youtube

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Excellent Poker tips, Funny Hip Hop song and a little Jazz in Tim "Dr Hope" Anders latest YouTube video!

Crazy Poker Hip Hop Funny Rap Song

“Loving Jazz as much as I do, I just couldn’t resist putting in a few Jazz licks,” said Dr Hope.

Any serious poker player will tell you that getting useful poker tips is ALWAYS sought after and important. Most times, it’s a poker players poker education that determine a win or a lose. Being entertained with side-splitting humor makes his tips easy to remember. Tim “Dr Hope” Anders does all that and more in his latest new hilarious “Crazy Poker Hip Hop video.” (Click here to view video.)

“Loving Jazz as much as I do, I just couldn’t resist putting in a few Jazz licks,” said Dr Hope. “I hope that music lovers as well as poker players will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!”

The whole point in making this video was to share a valuable poker attitude, have a great time and encourage viewers to buy his inspirational books. Tim “Dr. Hope” Anders is an award-winning children’s book author, musician and part-time professional poker player. His children’s storybooks teach kids the power of believing in themselves, the joy in helping others, the love of laughter, to always try their best and the benefits of living in the present moment. All of these traits are evident in his video. You can read several of his storybooks for free online at: http://www.LaughingDay.com

The humor and optimism that is evident in the video he learned from his mother, a Broadway actress. He writes her story in the critically acclaimed true life love story of his parents: Everybody Calls My Father, Father. In it he reveals that his father was a Catholic priest. He exposes to the world the injustices and sometimes reprehensible acts of the Catholic church to which his mother fell victim. Dr. Hope’s father never left the priesthood but instead hid for years his steamy romance and covert living arrangements from the suspicious eyes of the church. After spawning two children the deception become increasingly difficult to conceal.

“It was my mother’s dream to share her life story with the world but was afraid of the repercussions that it might have on her children, she already had had a taste of the retaliation that came from the Catholic church. Now that she has passed away and with all the latest revelations exposing the sins of the Catholic church, I was compelled to tell her story,” said Dr Hope. The book explodes with the raw emotion that only true love for one’s soul mate can express. Excerpts of the book can be read at: http://www.EverybodyCallsMyFatherFather.com

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