Experts in Biofeedback Launch Breathing Software Geared to Help Golfers Improve Their Game

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Research shows that breathing helps to balance the autonomic nervous system and, when combined with biofeedback technology, can be a powerful way to improve performance and health.

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The use of proper breathing techniques is one key to success and practice can take your performance to a higher level of skill.

Tom Watson, the great golfer, is credited as having said “When I learned how to breathe, I learned how to win”. The launch of this new software program called EZ-Air Plus is designed to teach the user to breathe at an optimal rate of 6 breaths per minute. The software allows the user to place a thin bargraph or linegraph anywhere on his or her computer screen to help pace inhalation and exhalation. It can run continuously on screen (with or without sound) or can be scheduled to run at specified intervals throughout the day. Once techniques are mastered at home they can be put into practice on the green. A free 30-day trial is available on their website.

Many coaches and professionals agree with Tom and recommend that whenever you get nervous during an important part of the game, from the first T-shot to the final putt, good breathing practice makes you more relaxed and calmer. A growing number of professionals are using biofeedback as a key component in sports performance.

Sports Professionals Include EZ-Air as Part of Training
Wes Sime, Ph.D. is a health psychologist and sport psychologist at First Step Wellness in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is the originator of the ProGolf concept and has worked with golfers at all levels including the PGA Tour. Dr. Sime uses biofeedback and sport psychophysiology to "enhance focus and concentration" under pressure. “Getting the shoulders and neck muscles to fully relax before a golfer begins a critical shot is the toughest obstacle to overcome in this sport. Quieting the brain and trusting the body to carry out the shot is helped immensely by biofeedback and neurofeedback. On the course, without the benefit of instrumented BF/NF the next best aid is refining the respiratory cycle for optimal synchrony and coherence. Breathing techniques learned and practiced using EZ-Air Plus breath pacing software provide a big advantage.”

The Mental Game of Golf
Jane Arave, MA, LPC, BCB, BCN is in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Columbia, South Carolina. Jane has been incorporating biofeedback in her practice for 8 years to address her clients' needs. Jane also enjoys moving out of the clinical setting to help athletes improve their athletic performance and designed and developed an optimum performance program for golfers. "For a golfer, the importance of learning the skill of breathing correctly cannot be stressed enough. Learning to breathe slower and deeper helps to calm the body and quiet the mind. Focusing on the breath can also be used as a tool to keep the golfer's mind in the present moment. EZ Air is a breathing pacer that can be set to teach the golfer how to slowly bring his/her respiration rate down until s/he reaches a more relaxed state - both physically and mentally.”

The BFE ProGolf Team
Together, Wes Sime and Jane Arave worked to develop the BFE ProGolf software suite. The BFE ProGolf team also aims to educate and train sports professionals and coaches in the use of biofeedback related to golf. They offer online education as well as many affiliation programs for those interested in taking their game further. The ProGolf team also aims at providing health professionals with education to work with clients that are interested in golf for better health or simply for more fun. For more information please contact BFE ProGolf at

About the BFE-LFB (Learn From the Best) Program
The BFE-LFB program provides continuing education for professionals around the world using content developed independently by International Research & Education Project (IREP) teams. For more information, visit the BFE Online Shop. Financial support comes from the Biofeedback Federation (BFE), a non-profit Community Interest Corporation located in England. The next BFE Annual Conference , their sixteenth, is scheduled to take place September 11-15, 2012 in Rzeszów, Poland.

Carol Meyers
BFE Education Manager

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