Student's Bet to "Hook Up" with Teacher Shows Financial Infidelity

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A high school student wins a bet that he'd be the first to kiss his teacher, according to ( This demonstrates the need for heightened boundaries around teens, whose rational thought process is not yet formed, says family and relationship therapist, Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil.

In the case of the 18-year-old student who - according to ( - bet friends he would be the first to "hook up" with his teacher, there was irrational thinking on the part of both teacher and student says family and relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. Because teen's brains are not yet formed, Dr. Bonnie explains, they don't have the same capacity as adults for decision making. And the teacher apparently had a previous drunk driving citation, indicating that she may be someone with lower inhibitions.

The student apparently won a bet with his friends - and $500 - that he would be the first to kiss his teacher according to MSN. Because he's legally an adult both teacher and student aren't in as much trouble, though Dr. Bonnie says there should still be some discipline. "This dare was a demonstration of Financial Infidelity," explains Dr. Bonnie, "and these kids need to learn that." Financial Infidelity - which is discussed in Dr. Bonnie's book of the same name - occurs when money is used as a catalyst for poor behavior. This can happen as a symptom of an affair, as a conflict between a couple, or - as this case indicates - even as an exchange between friends.

The boys involved in this alleged dare need to recognize that their risky behavior got their teacher in trouble Dr. Bonnie points out; conversely, the teacher should have recognized that teens are prone to this type of behavior. "There should have been stricter boundaries in place in the teacher's mind," says Dr. Bonnie, "to prevent her from getting into this situation." Dr. Bonnie suggests that because she allowed this to happen, she may have been sending a cry for help if she's facing a drinking problem. "This could have been a wake-up call for her," she says, "that issues she faces in her private life are affecting her career."

Dr. Bonnie explains that people who do deal with addiction typically experience a biochemical craving for connection which makes them susceptible to thrill-seeking behavior. If alcohol is an issue for this teacher, Dr. Bonnie suspects that could have contributed to her lapse in judgment when it came to kissing a student.

While Dr. Bonnie does think that the students should be disciplined for their role in the dare, she points out that an adult is expected to have better impulse control and should be able to turn down advances from teens who may lack the brain maturation to be able to control their own thrill-seeking behavior.

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