Your Lawyers Urges Government to Clean up Whiplash Claims Industry

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Your Lawyers, the UK's leading independent claims management company, announces its support for a clean up on the claims industry, not least a ban against referral fees paid to insurance companies.

Whiplash can be a serious injury, and it can be medically diagnosed. It should not be trivialised

Your Lawyers urges government to clean up whiplash claims industry

Your lawyers Ltd, the UK's leading independent whiplash claims compensation lawyers (, have today announced their support for the government investigation into so-called whiplash compensation culture.

It comes during a time of growing media criticism of the entire industry, which Your Lawyers feel is in danger of undermining genuine whiplash and other personal injury claims.

Russell Thomson of Your Lawyers, says, "The major problem with the insurance companies is that they aggressively chases referral fees for injury claims against one another. However, the result is that the insurance companies are pressuring the health and legal profession to ensure that claims are certificated to ensure such referral fees are paid out. Therefore health professionals are being paid to diagnose whiplash injuries where there may be uncertainty about actual medical damage, and lawyers are being pushed to rubber stamp the process without question."

The Association of British Insurers says that whiplash claims currently cost the insurance industry around £2 billion a year, adding around £100 to most motoring insurance premiums.

Russell Thomson continues, "Not only does this result in significant costs being pushed onto ordinary motorists, but it risks bringing associated professions into disrepute. The general public now believes that general malpractice has become the norm. We therefore think it is time for the industry to be cleaned up, starting with a ban on insurance companies receiving any form of financial benefit for passing on potential injury claim leads, and therefore disincentivising the potential for malpractice happening in the first place."

Your Lawyers have been campaigning vigorously for a clean-up in the industry, with a series of high-profile media commentaries* that reveal how much pressure the insurance companies are putting on healthcare professionals and solicitors in the first place.

This is not least because even seemingly minor road accident injuries, not least whiplash injuries, can develop into serious and debilitating conditions in themselves.

Russell Thomson says, "There are over fifty muscles in the back structure alone. Upon an impact or a sudden stop, you are thrown forwards and backwards. This is what stretches the many muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck, shoulders and back structure beyond their normal range of movement, resulting in damage to them. Whiplash can be a serious injury, and it can be medically diagnosed. It should not be trivialised, as is happening through general criticism of the referral fees being chased by insurance companies for injury claims against one another."

Your Lawyers have been pushing to provide information to normal users on their blog at Whiplash Claims ( as to what to expect if they are diagnosed with a whiplash injury, not least on symptoms, compensation, and medical treatment that may result.

Overall, Your Lawyers remain supportive of government measures to investigate the industry.

Russell Thomson says, "We need people to be able to trust in the claims process. Until insurance companies are banned from chasing referral fees, the industry threatens to be undermined by a push for profits."

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