Panchakarma: Five Treatments x Six Days = Complete Rejuvenation

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Healing Hands, Puerto Vallarta is offering a 30% discount to anyone seeking rejuvenation and renewed balance in a demanding world. Panchakarma is an ancient form of healing that is surprisingly modern and fresh. It can undo damage caused by months and years of neglect. Six days of individual care by trained, experienced Panchakarma specialists produce optimal balance and renewal in mind, body and spirit.

Panchakarma, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Healing Hands

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Clinic, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I am moved by his depth, knowledge, ease and my transformation under his guidance was remarkable. I recommend him without reservation, in fact encourage anyone who is considering a return to health and balance!

Can Panchakarma really undo the damage of months and years of a too busy life? Can it help with poor digestion and a host of other physiological disorders? Can it balance a stressed out nervous system? The answer from hundreds of clients is a resounding Yes! This is a series of treatment that are so well-balanced and so extensive they have been used around the world for literally thousands of years.

Ironically, as old as it is, Panchakarma is ideally designed for combating the modern day stresses that age us too quickly and sap our energy.

The Five Treatments

The two main ingredients in rejuvenation are cleansing and balancing. The entire system of Panchakarma is built around a step-by-step approach, tailor made to fit each individual. While the needs of the recipient determine the approach, Panchakarma adheres rigorously to the principle of first cleanse, then balance.

Following initial consultations with a practitioner and preparation for the six days of treatments, the client begins an intense series of personalized care, nutrition and movements. In principle, the first three days will be devoted to cleansing and the final three days to balancing. As each treatment is specific to the individual, each day is tailor-made. Not all clients receive all five treatments, but if all were to be used, the sessions would proceed along the digestive tract.

The first treatment (Vamana) is designed to cleanse the upper digestive tract. The second Virechana cleanses the mid-digestive tract. Finally, the third treatment (Vasti) is applied. Vasti is used both to purify and to nourish the lower digestive tract. The cleansing provided by Vasti is considered the most profound because its impacts on the entire body are positive. Remaining potentially disease-producing toxins are released. The client feels lighter, healthier, cleaner because the body’s ability to heal and replenish has been restored and with it, the release of pure, positive energy throughout the system.

In all Panchakarma treatments Vasti, the colon cleansing, is used. The final two treatments, Nasya and Rakta are aimed at cleansing toxins in the head and the blood.

The final three days of treatment are devoted to balancing the newly cleansed system. This is done through a combination of massage, steam, use of oils, chanting and positive nutrition.
Because of the inextricable connections between body, mind and spirit, the deep treatments afforded by Panchakarma are far more extensive than pure physiology. The spirit is rekindled. The mind is clear. The body nurtured and well prepared to take on the challenges and appreciate the joys of daily life. Time, effort and a financial commitment are part of Panchakarma. But the rewards can last a lifetime. The results of six days and five treatments are renewal, rejuvenation, and bright balance.

Healing Hands Spa is a 20-year old practice that includes a licensed massage therapist, two Ayurvedic practitioners, and a health and wellness coach. The Spa specializes in Ayurveda and Panchakarma. Healing Hands Spa is offering 30% off on Panchakarma treatments booked by 31 July, 2012. Booking may be redeemed any time before 31 July, 2013.

To schedule a Panchakarma treatment at the special 30% discount, call now 305-810-8534 in the U.S. or 01 52 329-102-0554, internationally.

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