8 Reasons Why a Barrel Sauna is Better Sauna Design

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Barrel saunas are gaining popularity. US manufacturer Almost Heaven Saunas explains the top 8 reasons why customers choose a barrel design.

Heat Distribution

The circular design causes more even distribution of heat within the sauna.

Barrel saunas are gaining popularity. US manufacturer Almost Heaven Saunas explains the top 8 reasons why customers choose a barrel design.

1. A Barrel Sauna heats faster
A circle will fit into a square, but a square will not fit into a circle. Use this comparison when thinking of a barrel shaped sauna vs. a square sauna. There is extra, but unused, space in a square sauna, and the heater is forced to heat that space. A barrel sauna has less unused airspace, but an equal amount of usable air space, allowing the same sized heater to get the room hotter faster.

2. The circular design causes more even distribution of heat within the sauna.
Since heat rises, the top of the sauna is always hotter than the lower parts of the room. In a square sauna room the heat gets trapped at the top, beyond where the user can experience the heat. In a barrel sauna the curvature of the room allows the upper heat to be pushed down the sides and back into the sauna as new heat rises from the heater. This brings the higher temperatures lower into the sauna and allows the heat to flow evenly through the room.

3. Ball and socket profiles allow the wood to move with temperature changes.
The high temperatures in a steam sauna cause the wood to continually expand and contract. It is important that the construction of the sauna not impede the natural expansion of the wood. Excessive use of nails, screws and bracing can cause the wood to split and separate in these intense temperature fluctuations. A Barrel Sauna is designed for temperature changes, and the wood staves will expand and contract within the confines of the steel bands rather than fight against multiple fasteners. A longer lifetime is what to expect from the best sauna and also here is the barrel sauna superior.

4. The solid cooperage design creates a very robust construction.
Saunas with dual wall construction will expand and contract at different rates, causing the sauna to lose structural integrity over time. A Barrel Sauna is build of solid wood staves, so the structural integrity is retained in even the harshest outdoor environment. Furthermore, the staves are notched and pulled over the end sections, creating a tight and secure fit that will last a lifetime without the use of excessive and unsightly fasteners.

5. It is an ideal outdoor design that requires no maintenance
The barrel sauna is an outdoor sauna. It is ideal for outdoor use because it naturally sheds water. The structural integrity also permits the sauna to handle a substantial snow load with no affect to the structure of the sauna. The polymer support cradles allow the barrel to set on any flat surface, and the Western Canadian Red Cedar is naturally resistant to water and insects. There is virtually no ongoing maintenance with your sauna.

6. A Barrel Sauna is extremely efficient
Because of the efficient use of air space, there is less energy used to heat the room. Plus, the thick red cedar staves are excellent insulators, allowing the exterior of the sauna to remain cool to the touch even at the top of the sauna. It is most likely that you will not experience a noticeable affect on your utility bill with regular use of your barrel sauna.

7. The radius walls provide comfortable seating with built-in, comfortable back support.
The design of a barrel sauna is extremely comfortable in a variety of seating positions. Sitting opposite another sauna bather allows your back to be nicely cradled in the curvature of the sauna wall, allowing enough room for your neck to remain straight and comfortable. You can also recline on the bench and lean against the flat wall, utilizing an optional red cedar back support for the small of your back if desired. In all cases the soft, red cedar lumber remains cool and is extremely comfortable and soft on your skin.

8. A Barrel Sauna adds beauty and accent to the backyard setting.
Since the Barrel Sauna is designed for outdoor use, it provides a beautiful backdrop to a landscape setting. The sauna can literally be placed anywhere, and the setting can be enhanced with vegetation, landscape and even vines growing over the sauna.

Almost Heaven Saunas was founded in the mid 1970’s and is one of the market leaders for barrel saunas. The company distributes its saunas worldwide and prides itself on high quality craftsmanship in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia USA.

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