Celebrate the 9th Annual National Dog Day on August 26th!

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Homeless dogs across the nation await new homes and others celebrate their own holiday and a weekend of dog-gone fun!

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It breaks my heart to see what we are doing to Pit Bulls in this country, slaughtering them the way we are when their plight is specifically crafted at the hands of evil people

The 9th Annual National Dog Day is proud to kick off by offering a free eCollectible from ShakyPlanet to everyone who cares about helping to save shelter dogs around the nation to proudly display on their mobile iOS devices and to their social networks. While National Dog Day is all about celebrating the wonderful attributes of dogs mixed breed and pure, its goal is to save as many dogs from death row as possible in one special day and advocate against breed specific legislation.

“This day is a way for me, for all of us, to say thank you to dogs for their loyalty, their bravery, dedication and their unconditional love in so many areas of our daily lives. I want to focus this year on whats happening with Pit Bulls. It breaks my heart to see the plight of certain breeds like Pit Bulls being slaughtered the way they are in this country, even as puppies entering the shelter. It is despicable and deplorable, especially when dog loving citizens work so hard to pay taxes that support these killing machines, says Colleen Paige, founder of the day. Not all shelters are like this, but it seems to be a growing trend. I am not afraid to stand up for Pit Bulls. I'm not afraid to stand up for any animal when they are being targeted and murdered. The tragic thing is that the reason behind the bad rap that the Pit Bull gets, is specifically crafted at the hands of evil people, Paige says. Dogs do so much for us, they sniff out bombs and drugs, chase down criminals, detect seizures, lead the blind and lower blood pressure just by being themselves and asking nothing in return. They save their families from intruders and put their lives on the line to keep our streets safe every day. Dogs need to be respected and cared for so much more than they are, including the Pit Bull, who is, in my 20 years of expertise in dog training, one of the most intelligent and loving breed of dogs you'll ever find,” Paige says.

National Dog Day encourages dog owners and non-dog owners alike to donate at least $5 to their local shelter and spread the word about adopting, rather than buying from pet stores that are only supplied by puppy mills, which abuse and neglect animals for the sake of monetary gain. This special day is an opportunity to spread awareness about the need for spaying and neutering, and is a great reason to throw a dog party! For newly adopted dogs on this day, it’s a perfect date to set for a birthday, since age is always a guess when it comes to shelter dogs.

“I’m so proud to have ShakyPlanet as a partner this year. It’s the most fun and unique product a partner has presented yet and we expect that since it’s a free, limited edition eCollectible, everyone will want to get theirs while they are available! It’s so fun that I find myself playing more with my eCollectible these days than getting any work done,” says Paige, who encourages supporters to download the eCollectible today from the free ShakyPlanet app in the iTunes app store, and also to check back for new eCollectibles in the coming months. Each one will be available for a limited time only! The National Dog Day ShakyPlanet eCollectible features three cartoon dogs with silver bones and tennis balls floating around them, that activate when your mobile device is shaken. When tapped, the eCollectible animates with blinking eyes, wagging tails and even panting!

ShakyPlanet created eCollectibles to give people a way to collect virtual goods on their mobile devices to celebrate the things they care about, from saving dogs to places they visit, celebrities they adore and music they listen to, to products and brands they buy. ShakyPlanet eCollectibles are interactive and fun, complete with animation and audio that activates when the eCollectibles are tapped or shaken, making people proud to “own” them. Each one is stamped on the back with the date it was collected and a unique serial number, proving that you own it. Best of all, you can brag over social media networks right from the app, posting a sticker of your eCollectible on Facebook or Twitter for all your friends to see!

For more information visit http://www.NationalDogDay.com.
To download your National Dog Day eCollectible, visit http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shakyglobe/id311045690?mt=8.


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