Tooth Whitening Has Expanded the Palette for Dentists; Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Colour

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Colour is an extremely important factor in dentistry, for both cosmetic dentistry and dental restorations. White teeth look healthy, youthful and attractive and brighten a person’s smile immediately. The rise in popularity of teeth whitening has expanded the “palette” of tooth colours used by dentists. Gloucestershire based Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios offer advice on choosing the right shade of white.

Colour is an extremely important factor in dentistry, for both cosmetic dentistry and dental restorations. White teeth look healthy and attractive as well as youthful - tooth whitening can take off as much as 25 years in an hour.

Historically dentists used a tooth shade guide which had 16 most common colours found in natural teeth. However, with the trend for tooth whitening, this shade guide has had to be extended with another 4 shades, as whiter colours can now be achieved through teeth whitening. The amount of translucency adds another factor of complexity. This demands precise matching in dental work such as crowns and veneers; which means that a technician charged with making “new teeth” needs to be more closely involved than ever before.

Nearly all patients can benefit from some cosmetic whitening to brighten their smile; either on its own, or to complement other work such as replacement crowns. Those having crowns or veneers may choose a lighter shade for their natural teeth first and find that their teeth are transformed once crowns are fitted.

The award-winning ICC Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios offers professional tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in Gloucestershire; as well as advanced dental surgery and restorations, including crowns, implants, veneers and all-on-four. They help patients choose the right shade of white by looking at their existing teeth as well as their skin-tone and advising on the most complementary shade of white.

Glos-based ICC dental only use professional tooth whitening techniques, carried out by skilled and experienced dentists and cosmetic dentists with the technicians also present, enabling all this to happen within an hour if need be. They also have special measuring machines to accurately measure the tooth colour for the surface and the inside of the tooth (shade vision)

A spokesperson offered tips and advice for people contemplating tooth whitening for the first time: “We have most definitely seen the trend swing towards whiter and whiter teeth over the last decade. Professional teeth whitening is a popular treatment on its own as well as complementing dental restorations. Tooth colour is also a very good early indicator to the general health of your teeth as it highlights shade changes early in decay.”

"In selecting tooth whitening, veneer and crown shades, it is important to discuss with your dental team exactly what you are trying to achieve and to take on board their expert advice. Old photos, historical models and other information are helpful to help pre-build or create the desired smile. After all, Van Gogh would not have painted a landscape based on a telephone description."

"It is arguably possible to go "too white" in dental work. Super-white teeth, as sported by some celebrities, can “look fake” in real life. As a general rule, teeth should be no lighter than the whites of your eyes in the morning within the context of your complexion."

“At our Gloucestershire studios, we work with patients on complex restorations and advanced dentistry. We always pay close attention to the health and functionality of the teeth, both above and below the gum-line. However, it is amazing to see the impact of tooth whitening at the final stage. It’s the finishing touches that finish off the treatment and make our patients smile.”

“The General Dental Council advise that only dental professionals should carry out tooth whitening and we welcome this ruling, which will better protect patients’ teeth. We have seen patients who have had their teeth damaged by inappropriate or unqualified treatment, which gives cosmetic dentistry a bad name.”

“While cosmetic dentistry is about making teeth look better, we maintain that absolute priority must always be given to preserving the patient’s oral health and the strength and longevity of their teeth. Happily, we can do that and still ensure that the teeth look brighter, healthier and more attractive after treatment too.”

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