Internet Users Sitting On A “Password Time-Bomb”

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my1login launches free ‘password strength meter’ in a bid to encourage safer password management, how ‘hackable’ is YOUR password?

my1login is a secure vault that gives you access to your passwords with ONE LOGIN.

It’s up to individual internet users to take responsibility for their own online security and to start taking password management seriously - Mike Newman

Poor online password management is a “ticking time-bomb” that could ultimately result in identity theft, financial fraud and reputational damage on a massive scale for individuals and businesses alike, according to a leading security expert.

Mike Newman, CEO of online security firm ‘my1login’ says: “There’s been a noticeable acceleration in the number of high-profile password hacking incidents we’ve seen already this year, with major online players such as LinkedIn and eHarmony among the victims and millions of user accounts compromised.

The truth is that these companies can spend millions of pounds beefing up their security, but if individual users persist in using the same old simple passwords, hackers will continue to crack them”.

Recent studies to identify common passwords have produced an almost identical list as a study carried out in 1990 demonstrating that user behaviour has barely changed across two decades. Meanwhile, across the same period, the technology available to hackers has progressed enormously.

“In 2012, it’s up to individual internet users to take responsibility for their own online security and to start taking password management seriously. It’s a ticking time-bomb that, unless you take action, will blow up in your face sooner rather than later.”

In an attempt to help, my1login has now launched a free online password strength meter to enable Internet users to safely and securely test the strength of their own passwords. The strength meter rates passwords from ‘very weak’ through to ‘very strong’ and gives an indication of how long it would take a hacker to crack, letting users know which of their passwords need to be changed to keep them safe.

The password strength meter applies similar approaches that hackers might use to crack a password, using a variety of tactics, from dictionary attacks to concerted brute force attacks. The ‘time to crack’ is an estimation of how long it would take a hacker to determine your password based on content, length and complexity.

Where ‘very weak’, ‘weak’ and ‘medium’ strength passwords are identified, my1login’s free password generator can then be used to create new unique, super-strong replacements, such as ‘8_ZD5VQz1)m6n7rM_#L<t7XmY’.

Mike Newman explains: “Most passwords are still simple strings of numbers like 123456, names like ‘michael’ or dictionary words like ‘sunshine’ – these are all common examples of weak passwords that can be cracked in seconds. A strong password by comparison is at least 15 characters long and contains a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols such as !£?&*.

“The golden rules of password management are (1) use strong passwords, (2) don’t use the same password across multiple online accounts, for example, across your email, social media and online banking accounts, and (3) don’t write your password down anywhere.

Unfortunately, that leaves you with a problem – how are you supposed to remember all of these unique, complex passwords? The reality is that people need to start using free password management services such as my1login’s which automatically generate and remember super-strong passwords for each of their online accounts.”

About my1login

my1login is a free password manager – a military-grade encryption vault for logins, passwords and pins. It automatically generates hyper-secure passwords like - 8_ZD5VQz1)m6n7rM_#L<t7XmY- for every site the user logs into.

With no download needed, users can access all their password-protected accounts and sites from any device, with only one login.

my1login completely eliminates the need to memorize multiple usernames and passwords, at the same time, helping users increase their online security.

Security is critical and my1login uses stronger encryption technology than most online banking platforms.

It is the first password manager fully integrated with social networking, and the social media dashboard allows users to update social profiles and broadcast securely across their social networks.

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