Howmanyweekspregnantamicalculculator.Com Reveals What to Expect After 30 Weeks of Pregnancy

Share Article an online pregnancy website has just revealed all the information on the fetal development and weight gain expected when 30 weeks old pregnancy.

When the woman is thirty weeks pregnant the baby is weighs about three pounds and fifteen and a half inches long. It has higher chances of surviving if delivered but it is not usually ready yet. The eyesight is is till in the development stage and gets perfect when born. It is so evident even in the newly born that the baby cannot see very far immediately after birth. The pregnant women still has problem sleeping due to the constant heartburns and constipations that they get. The woman should not sleep on their back but use the pillows to support the head and the belly.

The woman need to be more relaxed and take the food in small bits in order to reduce the heartburn. The legs need more relaxation and the woman should put on flat shoes that can be able to cushion the heavy weight of the growing fetus. The pregnant woman find herself clumsier than she used to be before and activities she used to do with ease becomes more tiring. This is because the hormonal changes in the body make the bones weaker and the energy level in the body is reduced. The woman should take light exercises and avoid any vigorous exercise as it may cause injury to the unborn baby.

Most women usually have a fear of labor pain that brings stress. The woman should get involved in activities that reduce the fear like talking to fellow pregnant women and taking walks. Sharing the fears usually welcome encouragement that can help the pregnant women avoid stress. The woman should eat foods rich in iron like the red meat and the organs meat. Having enough in take of water and proper exercise can help maintain the pregnancy to term.

One can log on to the website and get more information on the pregnancy at 30 weeks. Also included are the other expected changes during the other weeks of pregnancy. The reader can also fill in the form provided to receive more information on any topic regarding to pregnancy.

About is a website that provides information about pregnancy. The site has become useful to most women who want to get information on pregnancy. The site gives all the expected physical and emotional changes that a pregnant woman should expect on week by week basis during the forty weeks pregnancy period.

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