Managing Director of FurnitureInFashion Has Announced a Campaign to Urge the Government to Seriously Consider Scrapping Sunday Trading

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Managing Director of FurnitureInFashion Asad Shamim has strongly urged the government to seriously consider scrapping Sunday trading in order to avoid its deteriorating impacts on culture, family life and small businesses.

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Managing Director of FurnitureInFashion has announced a campaign to urge the Government to seriously consider scrapping Sunday Trading

Managing Director of FurnitureInFashion Asad Shamim has strongly urged the government to seriously consider scrapping Sunday trading in order to avoid its deteriorating impacts on culture, family life and small businesses. FurnitureInFashion is a leading online retail store in the UK that supplies over 7000 furniture products within UK and around the globe as well. Although being the owner of one of the leading furniture stores in the UK, the managing director of FurnitureInFashion still values the family culture and is adamant to promote and retain family culture in the current stiff business competition. Asad Shamim argues that in the current wave of recession and economic downfall, the businesses are struggling and are working even harder to earn respectable incomes. With such conditions and pressures, business owners and employees deserve some relaxation and family time to rejuvenate and get back to business.

Asad Shamim argues the importance of Sunday being an off day in a week for small businesses and employees and says, “Sunday was and had been a resting day for all the businesses. Not only the business owners and employees look forward to Sunday but even the family cherishes and anticipates the coming of a Sunday as it provides a chance for families to sit together, relax or participate in other cultural activities. However with Sunday being declared a working day, there is no particular day for a family to sit together and cherish the warm moments of family time. There has been a significant decline in cultural activities and there are no longer any family events to be seen around due to 7 days working schedule. I strongly urge the government of UK to reconsider their decision to declare Sunday a working day as it will only deteriorate the situation further by creating a generation of youngsters with practically no connection with their parents.”

Asad Shamim discusses the implications of not having adequate time in detail and equated the lack of time for family with the breakdown of family life further leading to irrevocable outcomes. He says that family structure has already suffered a lot over the decades due to modern and extremely busy lifestyles. With the increase of distractions including entertainment, internet and other gadgets, children prefer spending time on these entertainments instead of spending quality time with the family.

The youngsters these days are already more engrossed in the use of several gadgets even when sitting along with their families. In such a distasteful situation, declaring Sunday a working day will further curtail the opportunity for a family to spend some time together and talk. Mr. Shamim strongly detest the diminishing family structure which has already created a generation of children who have become self-sufficient emotionally. He says that in the absence of parents, children find distractions which might not be very ideal for them. They indulge in activities that keep them distracted and gradually they start adjusting with the absence of parents.

This can be very harmful for very young children who are still in the age of emotional vulnerability and are still learning to behave in the society. Mr. Shamim further elaborates the self sufficiency and says, “Due to absence of parents and limited time availability, the societal behavior is dictated by the children but not by parents anymore.

The lack of attention on part of parents develops some irrevocable and rigid habits which are detested in the society. Parental guidance and role modeling are obligations of parents and they solely are responsible to guide their children on how to act and survive in the society in a respectable manner. However in the absence of such guidance, the society will suffer inevitably with a future where there are no proper ways and code of conduct to behave and respect. Our new generation without proper parental attention will derail in an irrevocable manner with no respect for societal morals, rules and regulations.”

Mr. Shamim further highlights the social implications of diminishing family system by pointing towards the future youth and its vulnerability to dwell in unhealthy activities. He says that the youth if left unaccountable and unguarded will be more prone to being lonely and to make up for their emotional crisis, they might dwell into activities like doing drugs and alcohol. The feeling of being ignored by parents has negative impacts on children and to negate these negative impacts, children will find relief in alcohol and drugs. Commenting on the recent increased use of technology and internet, Mr. Asad said, “The current media and internet is full of glamour and portray the unhealthy lifestyle and activities in the most fashionable way. This could affect the overall perception of children and shape their views accordingly.

The addiction of these Medias can affect the way children dress and the type of friends they make. How could one trust these sources to be morally sound or good? Family is considered the cornerstone of a society. What happens if there is no family and the future generations develop unguarded with no accountability and respect for others?” Being an entrepreneur himself, Asad understands the current business competition along with obligations towards a family. Asad feels an obligation towards social welfare as well which is why he is urging the government to revoke the Sunday holiday and make things less stressful for businesses and families.

Mr. Asad Shamim also argued the health issues workers might face by working beyond their capacities. Due to stiff competition and Sunday being a trading day, workers from poor economic backgrounds will be forced to work extended hours in order to ensure their job security along with earning more money to deal with the current price hike and recession. Mr. Asad showed his concern and said, “This exertion and extended working hours are not going to do any good workers as the stress will affect the mental and physical health. The impacts of this exertion may lead to long term health issues which might cost an individual his/her job. The healthcare system of the UK will be overloaded with depressed and ill workers with no family support system. I believe that Sunday trading is making very dangerous impacts on the lives of employees and their families as well.”

Asad also criticized the business monopoly which is hovering over the UK market and is literally making the small businesses non-existent. Currently, the small businesses in the UK are struggling and competing against large super markets and online 24 hours businesses with low overheads. The different varieties in products and various business opportunities has bombarded with the customers with ample options. The customers now can shop at anytime of the day with the use of internet from any location. This purchase environment will not allow small businesses to sustain in the current retail technological climate. Another reason for the non-existent small businesses is that the larger businesses and markets through mass buying drive the price down and compete at an unrivalled level forming a price monopoly in the market. This price monopoly leaves no room for the small corner shop who fail at competing with the price structure.

The price monopoly unchecked by the government has forced many small businesses out of the market. The consequence of this monopoly is that the rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer, creating an imbalance of wealth in the society. The independent businesses are now struggling to exist as the large supermarkets by offering lower prices have won the maximum customers. These customers have no other choice because of the prices offered. Initially the idea of low price monopoly at larger supermarkets do seem lucrative but it will destroy the market balance when there will be no competition left in the market. At such a point, these large superstores will exploit the customers by increasing the prices. Mr. Asad said, “In the absence of competition, the supermarkets and larger businesses will have full control of the prices and these businesses will decide what we wear and eat. There will be no more freedom of choice as these businesses will dictate the choices and prices which will suit them only.”

Mr. Asad analyzed the situation and said, “How is the government going to benefit from breaking the family system and by killing the independent small businessman? The obvious inability of the government of controlling the market prices will only make the workforce work harder than their normal capacities to make up for all the shortfalls in the economy. The employees and businesses will work double to compensate for the recession which is purely a product of the government.”

Mr. Shamim compared the situation in the UK with Germany and said, “Britain is living to work without giving due consideration to the importance of family system and relationships. Germany however believes in the family system and has no Sunday trading policy. The motive of German economy is ‘work to live’ by developing a good and healthy balance between work and family. Britain due to its recession however has set new ethos and standards which has completely ignored the family life and employee health. The government by adding the recession pressures on the workforce has created an alarming distance between the parents and their children. The parents are focused on spending all their quality time working to pay bills and meet other expenses. It seems like that the employees have no other choice but to spend their maximum time at work as any decline in their working capacity will further push them into debt or make them mortgage their houses. The luxury of spending time with family is a long lost dream which is causing an unnoticed depression among our society.”

Asad criticized the government for creating and promoting a society of low morale, ill health and bad ethics. He blamed the government for teaching the youth that money is everything and family is secondary. The recent generation is in a rush to make maximum money and get ahead of everyone else. This has been due to recession and stiff competition. The government’s favor is usually inclined towards the most powerful names in the businesses. To become one of the leading businesses in terms of market share and income, both the employers and employees are utilizing every possible way to get ahead at the cost of relationships. This is contributing towards devastating society with no respect among the new generation for their society and family. This has also made people self indulged and isolated in their own little world with little care for the society.

Asad in his concluding remarked urged the government to take notice and said, “Sunday should be given the status of a holiday again and any trading on Sunday should be banned. It is very natural for a person to relax and spend some quality time with his/her family. Banning Sunday will help employees rejuvenate from the tiring 6 days job schedule. Banning Sunday from trading will allow people to participate in different cultural and family activities which will help in flourishing family system and bonding. The workers from poor economic background will get a chance to relax and focus on guiding their children. Declaring Sunday a holiday will impact the overall health of a society as well. The workforce will have better physical condition and they will be mentally fresh and active. The depression due to overworked situation will diminish and the workforce of Britain will anticipate more vigorously in the recovery of economic downfall. This will ultimately remove the risk of losing a job.

The job security will help the workforce to deliver more.” Asad strongly suggested the importance of family system and said, “By investing more time into the future generation, more productivity can be extracted from them. Our children are our future and to save this future from derailing, we all need to contribute and spend our time in guiding our children to keep them protected from negative influences.” Talking about the small businesses, Asad said, “By allocating same trading days to the overall economy, even the small businesses will be able to survive in the current economic storm.

Sunday being the holiday for entire market will help develop an economic balance throughout the market and will help develop a better business competition. I on behalf of my company FurnitureInFashion is willing to step up for banning Sunday as a trading day. I expect everyone of you to anticipate and participate in this noble cause as it will save our future generation from the inevitable destruction.”

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