Should disabled people be fined for not returning to the workplace? MyDeals join the debate.

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For those people receiving an allowance of £99.15 each week because they are out of work due to a disability or sickness could be in for a shock in December.

For those people receiving an allowance of £99.15 each week because they are out of work due to a disability or sickness could be in for a shock in December. The Guardian spotted a draft letter, warning that from the 3rd December the law is changing. The law is due to order people to attend work focused interviews when they are fit enough or consequently pay a fine of £71.

It is a worrying prospect that 340,000 people across the UK could lose almost 70% of their disability benefit each week. In the unfortunate case that a person is sure not to be able to return to the workplace then they shall be specified. Others, however, must make progress or face losing their benefits. Unpaid work experience has been seriously suggested to the unemployed. This new legislation has granted the Department of Work and Pensions to force unpaid labour upon those who are eligible to. This appears a direct way of managing our country’s debt.

Nonetheless, there is outrage from the public. Concerns surrounding the welfare of workers when they return to an environment they have been absent from need be taken into account. The country can only pray that they settle well and they are covered by insurance in the workplace in case of accident- bosses must be aware of the extra attention they may require. Furthermore, companies will have to pay for the expenses of retraining their staff which will reduce their annual net profit. Capital made by the firms is at the bottom of our trepidations, on the other hand, the financial crisis is at the top of the Governments pile of woes. Tom Packer, CEO of compassionately adds “it doesn't seem right that some of those who need our support most are being deprived of it.”

A member of the public, Ted Hainsworth angrily commented “Now we are giving money to every man and his goat. The system is bankrupt but why pick on the disabled? I have seen the form they fill in to assess if people are fit for work and believe me, if you can pick up a pencil, you can say goodbye to sickness benefit. Shocking way to treat our disabled and ill.”

Relying on disability benefits can be fatiguing but the stress and pressure to jump back into work is sure to leave an unhealthy sting with the masses. The treasury’s fund will increase slightly at an unforgiveable cost to the people. By detracting funds from unemployed disabled people, they hope to instigate an incentive to work. Yes it is abrupt however the Government are only edging people towards work and away from benefits if they are not severely disabled. Despite this, betraying the people who rely on the government most does not strike many as a logical way to clear the country’s debt.

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