WeGoLook Announces Services Fighting Against "Tech Bullies" and Internet Scammers

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WeGoLook is in business to protect consumers against Online Bullies. Learn more about how to protect yourself here and utilize resources to provide maximum protection with online transactions.

We can Look at cars, boats, RVs, online dates and more!

WeGoLook Consumer Process

“Tech bullies” is a term coined to describe online fraudsters and scammers, who create fake listings or completely misrepresent an item in order to take advantage of naïve and unsuspecting consumers.

In today’s explosive growth of internet business, instant gratification, and the desire to always find the best deal, consumers are putting themselves at risk to be taken advantage of by “Tech Bullies”. Many times, when a person is in the market to purchase a big-ticket item such as a car, boat, valuable antique, or piece of heavy equipment, the first place they turn is the online marketplace. Companies like eBay and Craigslist are known for making available multiple deals, allowing buyers and sellers alike to feel as if they have “cashed in.” Many cash-strapped consumers depend on the cost savings the online world offers and are oblivious to savvy fraudsters lurking in the online shadows.

Again, there are many advantages of navigating these virtual one-stop shops but one big drawback are the tech bullies, and it’s enough to make you think twice about turning to eBay for your big purchase. “Tech bullies” is a term coined to describe online fraudsters and scammers, who create fake listings or completely misrepresent an item in order to take advantage of naïve and unsuspecting consumers. These fraudulent listings can scam you out of thousands of dollars that you may never see again. Tech bullies are hard to catch and difficult to prosecute, as many of them are part of world-wide crime rings. However, there is a way to protect yourself before you ever even initiate the transaction.

Companies like WeGoLook.com were created to protect those very consumers who participate in online shopping. The disadvantage of shopping online, although it can score you some amazing deals, is that you have no way to personally verify the condition, or even existence, of the item before you buy it. The seller may upload some photos and perhaps a video of the item to their auction or marketplace listing, but how do you know those pictures are current, or weren’t stolen from an old listing and used to scam you out of your money? The only way to truly be sure is to “Look” at it in person by dispatching a WeGoLook agent.

WeGoLook is a nationwide, third-party verification company with over 7,500 agents, or “Lookers,” across the country (and currently expanding to Canada, Australia, and the UK) ready to be dispatched to verify any item, person, place, or asset. They have created an affordable way for internet consumers to shop with confidence and peace of mind. Lookers can take current photos of the item, video a working demonstration, verify the condition and note any damage, and also answer any specific questions you may have. For vehicles, heavy equipment, motorcycles and ATVs, they will verify the make, model, VIN, serial number, hours/mileage, etc. Offering dynamic data capture and customized reporting templates, WeGoLook can customize any order to fit your needs. Lookers may also be trained or certified in your field to better serve you.

Before proceeding with any purchase, you should verify the item. As the relationship between humans and technology continues to mesh and blend, internet scammers and fraudsters will increase, trying hard to scam consumers out of their money. Internet shopping is becoming increasingly more popular and available, so rather than putting yourself at risk to be scammed out of thousands of dollars, go through companies like WeGoLook to verify before you buy. The peace of mind is priceless!

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