Dr. Rian A. Maercks Releases the First Installment in the Blog Series “Cosmetic Surgery Buyer Beware,” a Controversial Report Offering Behind the Scenes Insight Into the Business of Plastic Surgery and It’s Effects on Patient Safety

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The ever growing number of plastic surgery factories is evidenced by the nonstop internet and multimedia advertising. We are presented with a "drive through, fast food" world of plastic surgery where a breast augmentation can be ordered for $3000 dollars (http://www.simonlawgroupaz.com/blog/cheaper-plastic-surgery-may-increase-malpractice-lawsuits). In response to these happenings, Dr. Rian A. Maercks, a honored Miami Beach plastic surgeon, has set a goal to make certain truths available to the public. The result is a blog series entitled "Cosmetic Surgery Buyer Beware." Its recently released first installment outlines the pitfalls of the ever present $3000 breast augmentations and the ramifications on the doctor/patient relationship and patient safety.

Rian Maercks

Dr. Rian Maercks

It is certainly not easy to ignore economic pressures and the lure of easy money that is continually offered by unscrupulous medical technology companies

In a time where “practice drift,” the tendency for doctors to leave behind the field in which they were trained in favor of more lucrative practice options, is a growing concern and doctors begin behaving like salespeople it is difficult to know who to trust (http://knowledgebase.findlaw.com/kb/2012/Apr/587797.html). Troubled by these concerns and the misleading noise of false claims to lure patients, Dr. Rian A. Maercks has decided to take a stand. This notable plastic surgeon who has been referred to as a best kept secret of the stars decided to offer his insight as a solo practitioner surgeon to help potential patients understand the true forces that govern their treatment options and the information that is presented.

“It is certainly not easy to ignore economic pressures and the lure of easy money that is continually offered by unscrupulous medical technology companies,” Dr. Maercks explains.

Dr. Maercks felt compelled to create the blog series “Cosmetic Surgery Buyer Beware” to highlight the tendency for patients to be publically regarded as consumers with commoditized plastic surgery procedures being the product sold.

“It is embarrassing to me to see the kind of dangerous misrepresentations propagated by industry, and economic forces. I want to show the public what this looks like from my perspective and give them a chance to make a more developed judgement,” Dr. Maercks emphatically explains.

The first release entitled “The Anatomy of the $3,000 Breast Augmentation” was released on http://www.RianMaercksMD.com/blog and distributed through the Facebook page Rian A. Maercks M.D.P.A. As a first introduction to this new series one can quickly see where Dr. Maercks is heading. He calls to the forefront the need to decide whether one thinks commoditizing plastic surgery is acceptable. Dr. Maercks quickly shows us that plastic surgery procedures sold as commodities destroy the doctor patient relationship and create new dynamics that are not completely obvious.

We quickly learn that the ramifications of commercialism and commoditization create a new landscape for medicine. Dr. Maercks is careful to remind us that he is expressing only an opinion from his perspective and suggest the blog be used as a starting point for further intelligent consideration. The reader will certainly find Dr. Maercks thoughts concerning and compelling and be left hungry for next week’s post.

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