Ozone for Every Family! Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Meats Stay Fresher Longer in every Household Thanks to a Green Refrigerator Machine Organic Ozone Update

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Ozonator™ announces its mission to extend family access to fresh food by providing every home with the Green Refrigerator Machine. By adding organic ozone to disinfect refrigerators from unwanted germs and bacteria, the Green Refrigerator Machine keeps meats and produce fresher longer, giving families the extended opportunity to keep what they buy fresh and germ free.

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The Green Refrigerator Machine keeps foods fresher longer thanks to ozone.

Every family deserves a germ and bacteria free refrigerator in which to store their fresh produce and perishable foods. Our mission is to provide a Green Refrigerator Machine update to every refrigerator in America.

Today, Kevin Brooks of Ozonator, LLC, announced their mission to extend access of fresh food to every family by updating every household in American with a Green Refrigerator Machine™. The Green Refrigerator Machine by Ozonator LLC, is designed to use nature’s Ozone, which purifies the air, cleans the environment and helps make the sky blue, to naturally disinfect against unwanted germs and bacteria, keeping refrigerated foods fresher longer.

University scientists, nutritionists and families who make daily meals agree that eating fresh meats and fresh produce will not only taste better, but also, benefit good health. Most people know that fresh food contains higher doses of vitamins according to just how fresh the produce at the time of eating. Kevin Brooks, Vice President of Ozonator LLC says it is their mission to share their ozone update with every American family that values fresh food.

“Every family deserves a germ and bacteria free refrigerator in which to store their fresh produce and perishable foods. The Green Refrigerator Machine is a small battery-operated device that safely and organically cleans the air in each refrigerator protecting meats, fish, fruits and vegetables from microorganisms,” said Kevin Brooks. “Our mission is to provide a Green Refrigerator Machine update to every refrigerator in America, giving families who value fresh food the opportunity of eating fresher foods.”

Using Ozone in your refrigerator will dramatically weaken potential for spreading germs by handling and passing foods like meats, fish, fruits and vegetables from farm to the table. Microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, yeast, that grow in your refrigerator cause spoilage and decrease shelf-life. Organic or bacterial “slime” grows on produce and refrigerator coils, pans, and in drain lines that plug or restrict flow, causing cross-contamination to the other foods in the refrigerator. Ozone delivered through the Green Refrigerator Machine will promote a healthy environment in your refrigerator, extending the amount of time you have to eat your food and thus saving costs.

The Ozonator™, popularly called the Green Refrigerator Machine™ has been heralded by fresh food and organic consumers as an important cost-saving benefit that keeps everything from organic berries to raw fish stays fresher weeks longer and without odor. It is a small appliance that operates on four “D” batteries and initially generates ozone for the first 60 minutes of operations. It automatically switches to standby mode for 4 hours or 230 minutes, activates itself for 10 minutes, and that repeats that cycle every 4 hours until the batteries need replacement (usually 5-6 months). http://www.ozonator.com
The Green Refrigerator Machine™ is a green living update for your kitchen that keeps perishable foods fresher by promoting a clean environment inside your refrigerator. The newly patented Ozonator™ has been proven by a leading independent laboratory to produce ozone in your refrigerator to reduce orders, and extend the shelf life of refrigerator stored perishable foods. Popularly called the Green Refrigerator Machine, the Ozonator has won several awards including; first place as Best of Expo at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, placement among the top five in the New Products Category at the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles, and the Gourmet Product Award for “Best Kitchen Appliance” in the Kitchen Utensils, Gadgets and Chef Items category for 2011-2012.

To share this green living practice with your organization, participate in the Ozonator affiliate program. To order an Ozonator for your refrigerator, please visit http://www.ozonator.com or call 702-363-5343. To learn how the Ozonator can help with green living practices please visit here.

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