Lights2you Adds New 10-Watt Mega Bright LED Downlight to Product Roster

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Lights2you, one of Australia’s leading sources of lighting fixtures online, has just added a 10-watt Mega Bright LED downlight to the company’s growing list of products. Lights2you representatives state that these LED bulbs offer a suitable replacement for halogen downlights, enumerating four reasons that make LED lights superior to other types of lighting.

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This downlight uses a new Mega Bright 10-watt LED that is 60 per cent brighter than most 9-watt LED globes on the market today. The Mega Bright LED is a TRUE replacement of the halogen lamp.

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Lights2you, an Australian-owned and operated online retail company that specialises in lighting fixtures, has recently introduced new 10-watt Mega Bright LED downlights into their roster of products available online. Company representatives are enthusiastic about the new addition, saying that these powerful LED downlights offer Australian homeowners a cost-effective alternative to halogen lights that consume too much power.

According to speakers from Lights2you, their 10-watt LED downlights are significantly brighter than downlights with lower power ratings. “This downlight uses a new Mega Bright 10-watt LED that is 60 per cent brighter than most 9-watt LED globes on the market today. The Mega Bright LED is a TRUE replacement of the halogen lamp with a high output of approximately 800 lumens,” representatives from the company proudly state.

Spokespersons from Lights2you say that there are basically four reasons why LED light bulbs are preferable to halogen lights, the first among which is energy efficiency. According to the company’s experts, halogen bulbs, which use up around 50 watts of power, can waste as much as 90 per cent of the energy it consumes by releasing it as heat. As such, only 10 per cent of the energy taken in by these bulbs gets converted into light. In contrast, LED bulbs use up only a fraction of the energy needed by halogen lights, and a large percentage of this energy is converted purely to light, with no power wasted as heat.

This lack of heat production is yet another quality that makes LED lights superior to halogen bulbs and other lighting fixtures. Because they do not produce heat, they do not pose a safety or fire hazard. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, can easily cause fires when left on for too long or when placed near flammable objects like cloth or paper. Another quality that makes LEDs better in terms of safety is that they do not contain chemicals that are highly toxic to both humans and the environment. According to Lights2you speakers, “The Mega Bright LED globe produces very little heat, and is eco-friendly and mercury-free, making it a really safe lighting fixture that can help you save up on power bills at the same time.”

Besides energy efficiency and safety, another feature that gives LED bulbs an edge over halogen bulbs is their lengthy lifespan and durability. LED light bulbs typically have a 40,000 to 50,000 hour lifespan, while halogen bulbs tend to last for only 2,000 to 2,500 hours. LED bulbs also have a compact structure, making them less prone to breakage in comparison with glass-enclosed halogen lights.

The last quality that makes LED lighting a good choice over other types of lighting fixtures is its customisability. LEDs come in a variety of colours and they can be fitted with dimmers to change the brightness settings as well as sensors that allow automatic operation. In addition to all these, LED bulbs also come in various shapes and sizes that can be used for different purposes, such as LED strip lights for cabinet or cove lighting, recessed lights for ceilings, and flood lighting or Bollards for outdoor illumination. Lights2you offers frame colour, globe colour and dimmer options for their 10-watt Mega Bright LED downlights.

Lights2you representatives are encouraging Australians to switch to these energy efficient, safe, durable and customisable LED bulbs. Groups and homeowners interested in Lights2you’s new 10-watt Mega Bright LED downlight and other lighting fixtures can get more information by visiting the company’s website at

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