WhyAmIUnhealthy.com Reveals Shocking Truth about Overly Medicating and Offers Newer, Safer Ways to Getting Healthier

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WhyAmIUnhealthy.com dispels the common belief that popping pills is the only means to getting better and offers newer, safer, and effective ways to avoid calling in sick at work and paying for costly medical bills in these economically unstable times.

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Most medications make patients feel as if their health issues are under control, when in reality, that’s not the case. But you see, that’s what medications do, they mask symptoms, not fix them.

WhyAmIUnhealthy.com believes people across the globe can live healthier and better lives without relying heavily on expensive prescription medication. The reliable online resource on healthy living, nutrition, and alternative therapies, recently ran a revealing article on prescription drugs and has also presented new, practical alternatives on several more articles that deal with subjects like “reducing mucus.”

On “Why Am I Sick and Why Is Nobody Helping Me,” the feature divulges the risk of over medication by stating, “Most medications make patients feel as if their health issues are under control, when in reality, that’s not the case. But you see, that’s what medications do, they mask symptoms, not fix them.”

While the detailed article grants that “certain medications are required to correct specific issues,” it nonetheless points out that “drugs rarely fix” most chronic health conditions and even cites a New York Times article that reveals how 40 percent of the elderly population in the United States suffer twice as many adverse reactions from a heady cocktail of drugs as younger people did.

WhyAmIUnhealthy.com goes on to share what it refers to as a common mistake most health practitioners do – overprescribing antibiotics. “It seems as though antibiotics are given for almost anything these days. What most medical professionals forget to tell their patients is how these horrible drugs severely imbalance the gut’s immunity. Good bacteria are killed-off when these drugs are taken, and this can really downgrade one’s health.”

The health and wellness resource site suggests newer and better ways to upgrading one’s immune system and acquiring overall good health by adopting preventative health care to individual lifestyles. For instance, to reduce mucus build-up in the lungs, one of the site’s latest articles introduces the benefits of probiotics derived from soy products, fermented milk, and other specific beverages.

The informative feature states, “According to an article in the Journal of Dairy Science, probiotics in conjunction with other therapy can help to reduce mucus levels in the intestines. The same principle of healthy bacteria promoting optimum health can be extended to help reduce the mucus build-up in the lungs. This can be achieved by consuming various probiotic fortified foods regularly.”

Increased mucus production has been linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) like bronchitis and emphysema.

Aside from probiotics, WhyAmIUnhealthy.com also reveals the advantages of anti-inflammatory oils from flaxseed, cold-water fish, and walnuts, and drinking water to decrease mucus build-up. Incidentally, the site goes on to disclose how staying hydrated also acts as an effective leaky gut cure. Leaky gut syndrome has been linked to a variety of conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome, and dermatitis.

While the site does discourage a heavy reliance on prescribed medication, it still acknowledges the necessity of certain drugs in alleviating certain conditions. The feature on decreasing mucus build-up espouses the benefits of certain drug therapies: “Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce declines in lung function that results in mucus build-up; Bronchodilators that help to widen breathing tubes; Decongestants that help in reducing membrane swelling; Mucolytics to thin out the mucus; antibiotics to cure lung infections and stop the production of mucus.”

WhyAmIUnhealthy.com also provides invaluable insights and tips to reducing clinical depression, improving the quality of air at home, and an ultimate guide to how to get better sleep.

In some cases, searching the medicine cabinet for pain relievers and prescription antibiotics does help certain conditions. WhyAmIUnhealthy.com believes in exercising caution when it comes to prescribed medication. By adopting the health and wellness resource site’s collection of practical tips on proper nutrition, exercise, and natural alternative therapies, visitors across the globe would never have to ask, “Why am I unhealthy?”

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