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The online metaphysical marketplace has announced the addition of Reiki healing to the new age services that practitioners can offer. Healers can now list their services online using the website and visitors can browse the providers and connect with their favorite practitioner.

Sell Reiki Energy Services Today

Practitioners draw energy and then 'project' to the recipients chakras and auras...

The user driven new age services marketplace, has expanded its offerings to include a section dedicated to followers of Reiki healing. Those who practice these techniques can join the community and create their own offerings for sale through the website, making their offers to heal available to a global market. Visitors to the site can browse the offers available and purchase Reiki energy healings starting at $5 and up to $50.

The art and science of moving energy from one person to another, Reiki, for the purpose of healing and balancing the body, is believed by many, to not be limited by physical proximity. Created in Japan in 1922 it enjoys a large and devoted following according to Wikipedia. According to the site, the basis of Reiki rests on the use of "ki" or the life force energy to heal.

One of many alternative health practices the practice is often associated with:

  • Acupuncture/Acupressure
  • Ayurveda
  • Crystal and magnet therapies
  • Pranic healing
  • Reflexology

Katia Shayk, site representative stated, "The healing energies of Reiki therapists are a natural fit for our community. Healers have an opportunity to reach more people, to connect with a larger audience. We have created a platform that lets only their creativity limit what they can accomplish."

While Reiki started as a fringe practice in the West, clinical research trials, reported by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) are underway to medically determine efficacy with a number of ailments. Reiki has been used in nursing homes and hospitals to help dementia patients, may aid with nausea caused by chemotherapy, and may ease pain from arthritis according to a recent New York Times report.

According to, while Reiki is normally practiced by laying the hands on the patient, it is widely believed possible to conduct sessions at a distance too. Reiki practitioners draw the energy from the environment and then "project" this energy to the recipient's chakras and aura.

"People in the new age community can build a business, grow their business, expand their services, and we hope, have a lot of fun in the process. That is what our marketplace was created to accomplish," said Ms. Shayk.

Whether one believes in the effectiveness of using the Eastern healing discipline, the website is sure to be great news and a blast for the healers and visitors who take advantage of what the site has to offer.

An online community and marketplace for buyers and sellers of occult, metaphysical and new age services, connecting people interested in learning more with hobbyists and professionals. People interested in listing their Reiki healing services for sale, click here now to join and create an offer:

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