Make More Money Simply By Changing the Way You Think, According to Author Steve Siebold In His New Book "How Rich People Think”

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Make More Money by Changing Your Self-Limiting Beliefs About What You Deserve, Says Author Steve Siebold in His New Book “How Rich People Think.” Law of Attraction Guru And Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell Agrees That To Create Abundance You Want To “Start Thinking Like A Rich Person.”

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What we focus on most is what we attract to ourselves.

Law of Attraction techniques can help you manifest wealth, according to author Steve Siebold in his new book, “How Rich People Think.”

In the book, Siebold teaches that we all have the ability and potential to manifest wealth. The difference between those that are wealthy, or “world class,” according to Siebold and those that are not is in the way the world class individual thinks about money.    

The middle class, asserts Siebold in his book, operates from a limiting belief that financial resources are scarce. Driven by emotion and a fear of loss, they save, worry about running out of money and believe that only luck or doing something unethical will get them rich. Because their beliefs are self-limiting, they are attracting limited resources in return.

Meanwhile, Siebold states in his book that “the world class has empowering beliefs about money that leads them to effective, daily action that serves as the foundation of their financial success.”

The author believes that “while world class thinkers understand the importance of saving and investing, they direct their mental energy toward accumulating wealth through serving people and solving problems.”

Rather than worry about their ability to produce or save money, Siebold says that the world class are focused on using their “billion dollar minds” to create a fortune. He believes that, “if you want to get rich, dissect your beliefs about money and upgrade them to the world class. Once you’ve taken care of the cause, the effect will follow and you’ll start moving toward wealth.”

Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of the San Diego-based personal development company Mind Movies, also believes that using law of attraction techniques and creating your own Mind Movie can help you manifest wealth. Ledwell believes that “what we focus on most is what we attract to ourselves.” Rather than focusing on bills and being in debt, Ledwell says that is important to “have a clear picture of what you do want and write it down.” Ledwell then suggests that “you visualize and feel the emotions of having the money that you want and exactly what that looks like. Using positive affirmations, write down what having abundance means to you.”

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