Just Renew It Discussing Cutting Costs and Having a Healthier Business in 2013 with an Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner

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Business owners and managers should look into the benefits of a dry steam cleaner before spending another cent on expensive cleaning solutions

It is flu season yet again. Add on top of that, the worry with the respiratory illness known as RSV, and people are being more cautious about how they go about their daily business. Business owners and managers should take heed as well. Of course, keeping a business clean has always been important. After all, who wants to go shopping in a messy, dirty store or work in a filthy office? With the so-called super germs, bacteria and viruses resistant to modern medicine and treatments, it is important to not only have a clean environment but a healthy one.

An industrial steam vapor cleaner cleans all sorts of surfaces. These machines can be used on walls, floors, desks, office furniture, shelves—just about anywhere. They produce steam that reaches up to 300 or more degrees within the boiler and are still over 200 degrees at the nozzle tip. This is important, because most bacteria dies off around 160 degrees. Pests such as bed bugs usually die off at about only 140 degrees. More resistant bacteria is killed off around 180 to 200 degrees.

The heat from the steam weakens the adhesive bonds that chemicals, dirt, oil, and other debris form with surfaces. The steam jet helps to agitate and scrub the dirt and grime away, but most good industrial steam vapor cleaners should also have a variety of attachments and accessories available to help scrub away at stubborn spots and stains. This is all done with the power of steam—steam that is about 96 percent (or greater) vapor, which means there is no worry due to water damage, oxidization, or water flowing down into hard to reach areas.

The other benefit here, relying on dry steam, is that companies who use an industrial steam vapor cleaner do not need to invest the hundreds and thousands of dollars they might normally on harsh cleaning detergents. These chemical cleaners can be problematic. Instructions indicate that the area should be well ventilated and many suggest that the area should be left to stand and dry for hours. With dry steam, employers do not have to worry about allergic reactions or other negative side effects of from the vapor or from coming in contact with cleaning solutions.

By investing in an industrial steam vapor cleaner, businesses can keep their storefronts and work areas clean. They can sterilize the areas at the same time. And, they can do this all without the expense or risk associated with various cleaning chemicals. Saving money, providing a green solution, and improving health all in one shot? This is the benefit afford to businesses today with modern technology and science.

About Just Renew It: Providing high quality commercial, industrial steam vapor cleaners to US businesses. Just Renew It believes in offer first in class customer service and thoroughly vetting all designs for the highest performance, effectiveness, and quality.

Prepared by Cameron Corniuk.

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