Dieting or Working Out With A Partner Shows 95% Success Rate, Study Finds

Share Article study released this week shows diets fail and the only way to keep off the weight is to change habits---working out with an accountability partner. People will show up if there is a partner waiting for them---and they are likely to go back to sleep if they are trying to work out alone.

"Working out with a friend works 95% of the time." studied the diet habits of Americans between 25 and 65. It found over 50% of people dieting have tried 5 or more diets by their mid 40s. In 93% of the cases, these diets failed and they gained back the weight.

The study was released this week.

Over 45 million Americans try diets every year. The ExerciseFriends study showed that 18% have tried 2-3 diets, 24% have tried 3-4 diets and 29% have tried 5 or more diets.

These diets repeatedly failed because people went back to old habits and regained the weight within 2 years. Dieting or working out alone is a losing proposition 95% of the time.

ExerciseFriends found accountability partners raise the success of failing diet and exercise programs to over 95%. Their members tend to keep the pounds off if they keep working with a friend or partner.

The study found that over 89% of those who pay personal trainers do so because they force themselves to show up because they have paid a person to be waiting there for them.

Patrick McCluskey, founder of noted: “Our members know diets fail and working out fails---not because these are not important but because motivation wanes. They understand the value of an accountability partners who motivate each other to achieve the goal.”

The study showed that checking in with a friend who is also dieting 2-3 times a week and sharing weight achievement goals, had a success rate of over 89%.

Jay Valentine of stated: “We reviewed scientific studies dating back to 1929. And the evidence is overwhelming that working out or dieting with a partner is the only way to keep weight off. “

McCluskey added: “The future of exercise and diet is all around accountability partners. Without a partner to push you, failure is a 95% possibility. Yet with a partner, success is a 95% certainty.”

ABOUT:, is the first social media community to discover the secret that dieting fails 99% of the time and exercise programs started in January typically fail by May yet when dieting or exercising with a friend----people exceed their goals 95% of the time.

Launched as an Austin, Texas startup has grown to hundreds of thousands of members applying social media to America’s most dangerous health problem---obesity. now teams with leading health, fitness, diet and wellness leaders to change the workout paradigm to working out with a friend. Proceeds go to charity.

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