Confident Aire, Inc. HVAC Company Installs Free Furnace For Family In Need As Part Of Their “Ultimate Energy Transformation” Award

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Batavia, IL HVAC Company identifies critical steps to properly size and install a new furnace for Jan and Dale Martin, the lucky recipients of a free furnace as part of the “Ultimate Energy Transformation” Award.

According to Confident Aire, buying a new furnace is a lot like buying a car. Just like you may not want a big a car that sucks up a lot of gas, you don’t want an oversized furnace because it can drive up your energy bill.

After having to close their family business due to loss of lease, Jan and Dale Martin of Batavia, IL found themselves without an income for more than a year. An old, inefficient furnace and skyrocketing fuel bills were the last things they needed. But happy news came with a phone call from Confident Aire, Inc. announcing they had won the company’s annual “Ultimate Energy Transformation” Award and would be receiving a new Trane 95% Efficient Furnace. They also won an air quality test, air duct cleaning, hot water heater and programmable thermostat at no charge from Confident Aire, Inc.; the Batavia-based HVAC Company, in cooperation with Munch Supply, Bulldog Plumbing and the Trane Company. Their in-law had nominated them for the award without their knowledge.

Recently Tom Wangler, owner of Confident Aire, Inc. and his Technical Team visited the Martin home to perform a load analysis to determine the exact size furnace the home would need. They also placed an AirAdvice monitor in the home to test levels of VOC’s, dust, mold, pollen and other airborne contaminants. This test was performed both before and after the installation of the new Atmos Air Ionic Air Purification System to demonstrate effectiveness.

“Assessing the home’s need for a new furnace is more complicated than people realize”, said owner, Tom Wangler. “We take the time to calculate the actual load requirements on the furnace by measuring the home’s square footage as well as taking into account other critical factors including the number and size of windows, direction of the sun, thickness of walls, room measurements and whether a garage, basement or crawlspace lies below the rooms. We also inspect air returns and heating vents to check for proper heat distribution and look for drafty areas where heat loss may occur.”

Measuring for a new furnace can involve a complicated algorithm, but Tom Wangler and his Team use a software program to help with the calculations. “If you want to maximize efficiency and maintain an optimal level of home comfort year round, you need to do the math,” said Wangler.

According to Confident Aire, buying a new furnace __new Trane furnace installation__ is a lot like buying a car. Just like you may not want a big a car that sucks up a lot of gas, you don’t want an oversized furnace because it can drive up your energy bill. Instead, you’re better off with a reliable furnace just large enough to efficiently heat your home and keep up with demand on the coldest winter days.

After extensive measurements and calculations, Tom and his technicians enter the data and the computer program determines that an 80,000 BTU furnace should be a perfect fit for the Martin home.

The new furnace is ordered and Confident Aire installs a new Trane 95% Efficient Furnace provided by Munch Supply. The process of removing the old furnace and installing the new one can take upwards of five to eight hours.

While the technicians finalize the new furnace installation, Tom works throughout the house to seal leaky ductwork and fill in areas lacking insulation. Up in the attic he finds bathroom vents and ceiling fixtures that were not properly sealed. Down in the basement he finds broken exhaust piping that was actually creating a carbon monoxide hazard plus more improperly sealed ductwork. He corrects these situations by using spray-foam insulation and properly sealing piping to insure the harmful CO gases vent to the outdoors. “These are typical situations we find when we check for air leakages around the home. Often there are places where workers didn’t take the time to properly insulate, or homeowners moved boxes around and unknowingly damaged piping,” Says Wangler. “But we know the places to look for these leaks and taking the time to fix them insures optimal safety and comfort for the homeowner.”

One week after the new installation, homeowners Jan and Dale Martin can already notice a difference in comfort. “I love to sit by the window in my chair and before the new furnace was installed, I always needed a blanket to stay warm. Now the air is comfortable by the window and in every room” reports Dale Martin. “We don’t experience those intermittent levels of warm and cold, we just feel comfortable all the time!”

Something the Martins can’t see the difference in is their indoor air quality. After the air purifier was installed, their levels of indoor air contaminants dropped by more than 60%. “Though hardly noticeable, an air duct cleaning and air purification system can make a huge difference in the quality of indoor air that we breathe which can affect our health” said Wangler.

The Martin’s were also impressed with their new hot water heater. “Without a doubt we notice that the water heater doesn’t have to turn on as often as it used to and the water gets much hotter. Overall this has been a great experience for us and we are so pleased with how it all turned out,” reported homeowner Dale Martin.

Confident Aire, Inc. is located at 416 East Wilson Street, Batavia, IL 60510. They can be reached by calling 630-761-9007. Product and service information is available online at

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