Dog Supplies Store Now Adds the Merrick Texas Toothpicks to Their Line of Pet Supplies and Pet Products, Available Now

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Owners no longer have to worry about coming home to chewed up furniture. Pet supplies store has the answer with newly added product Merrick Texas Toothpicks.

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One very common problem that many dogs have is the tendency to chew frantically, any hard object in a house. There are plenty of stories, a dog owner could tell, about dogs destroying furniture, while the owner is away. This destructive behavior is not normal for dogs. Compulsive chewing, and destructive behavior in general, is a good indicator of a dog’s boredom. The adult dogs that develop such behaviors lack exercise or stimulating tasks in their lives. Therefore, the only way for a pet owner to protect his belongings and relieve the dog from its chewing frenzy, is to give it something to play with, preferably chewy. The solution recommends, among others, is Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks. This treat is very popular among pet owners, with Bob Schultz stating “I am the proud owner of a Boxer, which is a breed that is very energetic. My job does not allow me to give him the exercise he needs, therefore the dog started to develop destructive behavior. He chewed on everything; chairs, tables and my sofa. Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks did a great job on relieving his urges, while providing a great treat for him. They also did a great job on preserving my furniture intact!”

Merrick’s Texas Toothpicks are new to and are essentially beef tails, so no artificial ingredients there. The texture is puffy and the bones are not wide; therefore the bone is suitable for all dogs, even for small ones that have small mouths and might find difficulty chewing, for example, a knuckle. The Texas Toothpicks are certain to intrigue the dog’s taste, as beef is a dog favorite. Merrick has come up with a great product to adhere to a dog’s basic instincts, and has done right in providing it on their store.

The destructive behavior of dogs is a serious issue. Most owners get frustrated and worried, resting on dog trainers to solve the problem. The truth is that the problem can be solved very easily with more exercise and something for the dog to chew on when it needs to. However, there are products on the market that may be harmful, if a dog swallows a piece by mistake. Therefore, the best solution is the natural solution. This is a notion that Kyle Breiner, executive, fully supports, “Natural products are always the way to go. There are many products on the market that they could cause serious issues to a dog. We do not want that. We supply natural products, such as the newly added Texas Toothpicks by Merrick, in order to keep our customers happy and their dog happier.” For more information on the product, visit

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