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Learn the unknown truths about gallbladder attack before it is too late...

After reading every word of this report, any intelligent person will become stunned to learn the truths about gallbladder removal and how to prevent such a horror from ever happening.

Does anyone know why someone might still have pain after gallbladder removal? This hidden answer lies in the classic story once again of the surgeon attempting to fix the symptom not the cause. So what does cause gallstones and how does one prevent such a danger from happening? Read on.

To summarize, a gallbladder is a hollow inactive organ supplying bile to the digestive tract that is mainly used to emulsify fats and oils. According to some natural health experts, the gall bladder can be damaged by cold dairy products, very cold liquids, excessive amounts of fat and oil, large amounts of spice, planning and thinking ahead excessively, wind drafts, and stress. Furthermore, it is has been uncovered that people who are hypersensitive to smells, wind drafts, and noises most likely have gallstones.

Listen closely, when the liver is constantly stagnant, sediment often settles out of the bile and forms accumulations that resemble stones, sand or mud in the gall bladder. Gallbladder symptoms of sediment are chest pain, bitter taste in the mouth, tension in the back of shoulder near the neck, periodic pain in the right side of the rib cage, indigestion, and gas. Abdominal pain that is immediately below the last rib on the right side of the human body and lined up with with the right nipple is a strong sign that someone might have a gallbladder problem especially if they press down on that spot.

Picture this startling fact, nearly one million gallbladders are removed annually due to doctors' lack of understanding nutrition and lack of respect for the gallbladder. Shockingly, many doctors are quoted as saying that the gallbladder does not serve any purpose and that a person can live perfectly well without them. Concerned yet? The gallbladder serves an important digestive function because it is required to emulsify fats. What is emulsification? One can easily understand this concept when washing greasy dishes. It is nearly impossible to properly clean greasy dishes without soap as the soap emulsifies the fat so it can be removed. Similarly, the gallbladder stores bile and bile acids, which emulsifys the fat someone eats so it can be properly transported through the intestine into the blood stream.

Anyone becomes very interested to find out how to care for the gallbladder when one learns most leading natural health experts say it is RARELY ever necessary to remove someone's gallbladder. Listen even closer, if one ignores the warning symptoms and forgets to address the reasons why the gallbladder is not functioning properly, then disease can progress to the point where the pancreas is inflamed or the gallbladder is seriously infected and may have to be removed to save your life.

How does one protect and care for the gallbladder then? Click here to learn how to prevent a gallbladder attack.


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