A New Website Designed for Employee Happiness, Zone Positive, is Now in Operation to Promote Flourishing and Productivity in the Workplace

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Zone Positive, a new service website intended to develop positive attitudes in the workforce, is released for the purpose of assessing and improving workplace relations and productivity. Zone Positive utilizes positive psychology in its informative videos, exercises, and instruction guides to help businesses and employees achieve maximum results and efficiency in the workplace.

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If employees start the day in a good mood, it can have a huge impact on the company’s performance.

Zone Positive, (http://www.zonepositiveatwork.com,) a website designed to use positive psychology to improve workplace productivity, is now available to businesses and individuals looking to enhance results in an encouraging manner. Zone Positive recognizes that positive relationships between happy employees are essential in the creation of a resilient and successful organization. Zone Positive offers an easy, cost-effective solution for team building without the need to hire a coach or management consultant.

The website has been designed to assess the workplace situation with the free workplace survey. The survey can be used by groups within an organization and by individuals seeking to improve their workplace experience. The results, which are provided to the user immediately upon finishing the survey, are intended to assess the employee’s workplace happiness on a spectrum from -6 to + 6; -6 indicates that there is a high level of dissatisfaction on the job, and +6, indicating a state of “flourishing,” meaning the employee (for example) is being given projects and assignments that fit his or her natural strengths. A score of zero on the spectrum indicates that the employee is doing okay or just merely tolerating their situation. The survey grades individuals on the following categories: positivity, relationships, engagement, meaning and purpose, motivation, resilience, and gratitude.

Once an employees takes the survey and better understands areas of dissatisfaction, Zone Positive offers eight short training videos, along with exercises and discussion guides which allow users to utilize positive psychology to enhance motivation and general well-being at the workplace. These results can be scored for an individual or compiled for a group of people, offering the opportunity to discover strengths and weaknesses amongst team members and allowing them to suggest modifications to work strategies that will make any organization flourish.

The training videos focus on the fundamental attributes needed to develop a positive work attitude. For individuals who spend a majority of their time at work, Zone Positive understands that complacency can cause people in the workplace to forget about the positive aspects of the job, such as finding enjoyment at work, showing compassion for co-workers, and ending each day with a feeling of gratitude and satisfaction. Zone Positive allows workers in all industries to identify weaknesses which affect the morale of the employees, all while stimulating meaningful discussion which effectively creates happy, productive employees who feel a sense of self-gratification when doing their jobs.

As Nancy Rothbard states in her October 24th, 2011 article in the Wall Street Journal, “If employees start the day in a good mood, it can have a huge impact on the company’s performance.”

While the videos establish good practices for positive thinking, clients can also use the exercises and discussion guides to put their newly learned positive outlook into fruition by discussing how positive psychology can improve productivity and overall workplace happiness. The workbooks for each lesson are intended to highlight the most important factors involved in building a positive workplace. Incorporate a discussion for each course into your weekly or monthly staff meeting and see what a difference this positive orientation can have on your business. The courses are set up so that an individual or team can take them without the expense of a coach or management consultant.

About Zone Positive at Work:
Our businesses, Zone Positive and Zone Positive at Work, were both created to help people thrive in their personal and professional life using the tenets of positive psychology. Our mission is to spread the awareness and use of this emerging science by offering practical and engaging courses in each of the principle areas that fall under the umbrella of positive psychology. Learn how positive emotion, character strengths, positive relationships and other key theories can move you (and your company) from doing “just OK” to truly flourishing in life.

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Zone Positive- it’s good for business! Visit us at http://www.zonepositiveatwork.com or our sister site, http://www.zonepositive.com which offers courses in positive psychology for accreditation.

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