Mounting evidence is pointing to a successful treatment for Post-Concussion Syndrome at MMTR Health Inc. in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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From across North America, weary sufferers of post-concussion syndrome (PCS) are finding relief at MMTR Health Inc. in Guelph, Ontario.

All the headaches were gone by the end of the first week.

From California to British Columbia, New York to Chicago, those suffering from post-concussion syndrome (PCS) are getting relief at MMTR Health Inc. MMTR Health Inc. is a physiotherapy-based clinic located in Guelph, Ontario, about one hour west of Toronto, Ontario. It is a specialty clinic founded by Terry Moore, a Neuromuscular and Cardiovascular Physiologist. The clinic provides a unique treatment model called Moore's MyoWorx® Approach, which has been demonstrating significant results for numerous patients suffering from PCS.

According to Moore, he has helped many patients over the years who had been suffering with PCS. However, he has been seeing many more cases of PCS over the past couple of years due to the increased awareness being placed on the syndrome itself. This has been evidenced by many of the headlines talking about hockey hero, Sydney Crosby and his many issues from concussion injuries. More recent news has been linking the potential effects of repeated brain trauma as a result of concussions and its impact on the mental health of such NFL stars as theFtar late Junior Seau.

But what is unique about MMTR Health is that they are demonstrating a successful treatment program for the many symptoms of PCS. "There are no currently proven and accepted treatment programs for PCS, only the ‘rest and recover’ approach," states Moore. "Our treatment approach gives the patients the ability to bring down their symptoms on their own. We've been showing these results patient after patient now and we are compiling our data to produce a publication on the results," says Moore.

Based on their mounting evidence of patient successes to date, MMTR Health has been attracting those suffering with PCS from all over North America. “They are coming to us from all over,” states Moore. “From Massachusetts, California, New York, British Columbia or Northern Ontario to name a few and international inquiries as well.” MMTR has been helping many patients from elite athletes to those who had a car accident many years earlier, to young children injured in sports or from falls in the home.

A young patient, Alexi, who recently travelled to Guelph from California with her mother to see Moore and his team, was elated by the results she received from the treatment. “All the headaches were gone by the end of the first week,” says Alexi. PCS for Alexi and so many others can be very disabling, stopping sufferers from going to school participating in their sport, watching T.V. or going out socially. “I wasn’t able to go to school because my mind wasn’t working, I was in a fog,” states Alexi. “Coming here has helped me to get a lot happier and be the person I used to be…it’s nice to be able to do school work again and feel like the rest of the kids at school.”

When asked if the results that Alexi had got from the therapy were typical, Moore exclaimed, “Alexi did very well, very quickly as do most of our short-stay patients. How well someone does will vary from patient to patient and be effected by the significance of other factors in their life at the time as well.” Moore added that “our clinical results for treating the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome are tested and found to be statistically significant.”

MMTR Health Inc. is a clinic in Guelph Ontario redefining physiotherapy with evidenced-based practice and using the patent pending Moore’s MyoWorx® Approach. It is wholly owned by Moore Muscle Therapy and Rehabilitation Inc.

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