JWrapper Gives Away High End Java-to-exe Cross Platform Installer to Ease Java Developers' Applet Woes.

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Cross platform installer software released today by SimpleHelp Ltd aims to help Java developers migrate from Java applets.

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JWrapper Cross Platform Installer Builder

JWrapper can run on any Java enabled system yet build native executables for all platforms, including signing all code for those platforms which is an industry first

Freely available software released today by JWrapper.com will help Java developers overcome their applet security woes.

For some months now Java has received publicity over security vulnerabilities in its applets browser plugin. These flaws allow malicious sites to take control of a users computer often with disastrous consequences.

The flaws have been so widespread that computers at large technology companies like Facebook, Twitter and Apple have been compromised. This has led to widespread calls to disable Java applets and in some cases remove Java altogether in order to keep users safe.

For companies that have built their business on Java this has been a difficult time with users shying away from Java-based software, instead opting to search for alternative solutions. This pressure is unlikely to let up as Oracle, the current owner of Java technology is having a difficult time responding to each new vulnerability discovered. Security researchers have estimated it could take 2 years to effectively lock down the Java applet browser plugin.

Enter JWrapper.com, a recent product from SimpleHelp Ltd, a UK based software company affected by the recent Java applet security flaws. SimpleHelp had been working on a framework to move a number of applications away from applets and a system-wide Java installation since early 2012 and had it near completion late in the year. When the applet security issues arose SimpleHelp decided to package up their cross platform Java to exe builder and make it available without charge for other companies who are suffering the same problems to use.

JWrapper includes unique features to ease the migration from applets such as the ability to deploy easily to the web, HTTP proxy detection and the ability to pick up configuration options from the download server.

JWrapper is freely available but also feature complete. Since the software functions in stringent and arduous installation situations it now has a feature set comparable to that of high end expensive solutions including Install4J, Excelsior JET and JExpress and in many cases includes additional features unique to it.

A spokesperson from JWrapper explained:

“It had to be a product we could rely on and which worked well from day one as we are already shipping a professional product on it. We also wanted to resolve some of the typical issues with cross platform installers like the need for multiple machines to build software on. JWrapper can run on any Java enabled system yet build native executables for all platforms, including signing all code for those platforms which is an industry first”.

The software is available for download today at JWrapper.com and developers are being encouraged to try it out and send in their feedback.

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