Martial Arts Master Jamie Ridgeway to Offer Classes Designed for Kids Promoting Self-Respect, Confidence and Respect to Others

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Blending the arts of Karate, Muay Thai and Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a very practical approach to self protection for a child. It enables a child to learn defense against most common attacks in bully and self defense situations.

Kids Martial Arts

The goal of martial arts training is to help each child become a confident, capable individual who is committed to personal integrity, respect for all and self-worth.

Karate classes can teach kids a lot more than just how to throw a roundhouse kick. Martial arts can also help them learn to be self-disciplined, to respect themselves and others, to protect themselves from bullies and to be healthy physically and mentally. The martial arts provide kids of any age – and adults too, for that matter – with valuable life lessons along with discipline and consistency. Martial arts training is designed to help kids become responsible, mature, well-rounded individuals, both now and as adults. Not only that, they will have a blast.

The importance of finding quality instruction for a child who wishes to learn martial arts cannot be overstated. The benefits that martial arts training can have will only result from quality classes conducted by qualified, exceptional instructors. Therefore, before a parent enrolls a child in any type of martial arts, take the time to get to know the staff at the facility you are considering. If possible, talk to people who are already members at that school to get an inside perspective on the skill and professionalism of the staff. After all, these instructors will have a major impact on your kids’ lives; it is worth taking the time to find good ones.

The massive increase in the popularity of social networking sites, like Facebook, has led to increased awareness of the dangers of bullying of all types. Fortunately, kids who take martial arts classes are much less likely to find themselves targeted by bullies. The goal is not simply to teach kids how to physically fight off a bully, although they will learn to defend themselves in those rare situations when they have no other choice. No, the goal of martial arts training is to help each child become a confident, capable individual who is committed to personal integrity, respect for all and self-worth. Children with this background are rarely targeted by bullies, and when they are, they are prepared to resolve the situation safely and maturely.

This is a very practical approach to self-defense for a child. It blends Karate, Muay Thai and Gracie Jiu Jitsu to address many possible self-defense situations. "One drawback to just training one discipline is that it may not address all the ranges in real self-defense situations. With blending these arts, a child will be able to defend themselves standing up (punching kicking), if someone grabs them and on the ground where most situations end up," says Mr. Ridgeway. Master Ridgeway is a black belt in Karate, a Kru in Muay Thai and Lynchburg's only black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. This blend will enable the child to defend against most common attacks. Also, the fitness and flexibility developed in these martial arts classes for kids can be quite literally a lifesaver due to our modern culture’s obesity epidemic.

All told, it is hard to ignore the many benefits learning martial arts can have for kids. From discipline to self-defense, from social skills to physical fitness, kids are sure to learn more than they ever would have guessed – while having a ton of fun doing it.

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