Mattress Sales Expert, Online Bed Quilt, Advises Against Polyphasic Sleep

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Telegraph reports that more men are practicing polyphasic sleep, reducing time spent on sleeping to only two hours a day. Online Bed Quilt affirms the importance of a good night’s sleep and advises against shortening sleep cycles.

On March 1, mattress review company Online Bed Quilt, comments on an article published by the Telegraph with regard to a new sleep pattern trend called polyphasic sleep.

According to Telegraph, ultra distance runner Topher Gaylord sleeps only a few hours a night and still functions on a 70-hour work week. Referred to as “sleep hackers,” Gaylord and other sleep hackers who practice polyphasic sleep patterns, manipulate their sleep schedule to sleep less while still obtaining the same amount of rest as normal reports Telegraph.

While many polyphasic sleepers claim they can function properly, mentally and physically, reports Telegraph.

Justin Maas from mattress sales review company Online Bed Quilt says he is not convinced that polyphasic sleep is healthy at all.

“I don’t think cutting sleep time is healthy, even if you train your body to operate on less sleep,” Maas says. “Your body regenerates and replenishes resources when you sleep. Even if you’re limiting yourself to two hours of REM, that’s not leaving the body enough time to repair. Your body needs about eight hours of sleep.”

Adrian Williams, a professor of sleep medicine at King’s College London said to Telegraph that people who reduce sleep to two hours a day are being unhealthy. “You’re a danger to yourself and your body,” he says to Telegraph. “We tend to shorten the time we give ourselves to sleep, but you cannot shorten the amount you genetically need.”

“Disrupting your natural sleep cycle will eventually end up in a crash and burn effect,” adds Maas. “Those who claim to have full functionality after only two hours of sleep are fooling themselves.”

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