Local Vegetables Recommended in Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet, Says Colle Farmers Market

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A recent study found that Mediterranean diets can seriously reduce the risk of a heart attack and other types of heart disease. Colle Farmers Market responds, encouraging people to use locally-grown vegetables when switching to the diet.

On March 4, Colle Farmers Market issues a response to a new article from the New York Times discussing recently-published findings that indicate that switching to a Mediterranean diet can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, saying that people switching to the diet should consider supporting their local farming community by buying local vegetables.

According to The New York Times, a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and other health issues related to heart disease can be avoided if people switch to a Mediterranean diet, which is “rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables.”

The article reports that this was actually the first major clinical study linking a Mediterranean diet to heart health. It took place over the course of almost five years – and actually ended early due to the fact that results were so clear. “Scientists randomly assigned 7,447 people in Spain who were overweight, were smokers, or had diabetes or other risk factors for heart disease to follow the Mediterranean diet or a low-fat one.” The subjects were put into three groups; one was put on a general low-fat diet while the other two groups were put on a Mediterranean diet.

One of the groups on the Mediterranean diet was instructed to have at least four tablespoons of olive oil a day, while the other had at least an ounce of mixed nuts every day. Both groups had fish and legumes at least three times a week, along with white meat over red and at least seven glasses of wine with meals per week. “They were encouraged to avoid commercially made cookies, cakes and pastries and to limit their consumption of dairy products and processed meats,” says the article. Researchers analyzed participants' urine to ensure they were complying with the diet.

Researchers were surprised by the dramatic improvement in heart health within the group that went on the Mediterranean diet. While there are some that doubt the findings since the study only used people at high risk for heart disease, many people are hailing it. “Heart disease experts said the study was a triumph because it showed that a diet was powerful in reducing heart disease risk, and it did so using the most rigorous methods.”

Colle Farmers Market responds to the study, saying that the results have been fairly conclusive – the benefits of embracing a Mediterranean diet are many, especially for those at a higher risk for heart disease. The company also encouraged people to use organic local vegetables when switching to this diet, saying that it is very important to support the sustainable farming industry. The company added that the recommended ingredients included in a Mediterranean diet can be found at local farmers market.

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