Colle Farmers Market Comments on Study Favoring Organic Food

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Colle Farmers Market issues a comment with regard to an article in The Globe and Mail describing a study that supports the assertion that tomatoes grown by organic methods are more nutritious than conventionally grown tomatoes.

On March 5, Colle Farmers market issues a comment concerning an article published by The Globe and Mail outlining a study that supports the assertion that tomatoes grown by organic methods are healthier than conventionally grown tomatoes.

The Globe and Mail article provides details concerning a study that compared organically grown tomatoes with conventionally grown tomatoes. The reported findings were that organically grown tomatoes were generally smaller than the conventionally grown, but had a higher concentration of nutrients. “And that suggests being smaller and less attractive can sometimes be better for you – at least when it comes to the food supply,” quips the article.

The study was said to be conducted in a manner that would limit variables and subject the tomatoes to similar control conditions. “For the study, the researchers selected tomatoes from an organic farm and a conventional operation located 1.5 kilometres apart in northeastern Brazil.” The farms used were in close proximity to one another, in order to study growth in similar environments.

“From outward appearances the organic tomatoes did not do so well – they were roughly 40 per cent smaller than those grown conventionally.” But a detailed analysis found that the organic tomatoes contained higher concentrations of Vitamin C and beneficial phenolic compounds. The article suggests that the additional “stress” of organic food production methods forces the plants to “respond with a higher output of defensive compounds” – which may be beneficial to people, too.

“For instance, Vitamin C and phenolic compounds act as antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals that can cause cell damage. Previous studies have shown that a plant-rich diet is associated with a lower risk of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.”

Colle Farmers Market addresses the new findings supporting the claim that organically grown tomatoes are healthier, expressing delight that additional evidence has surfaced to support the merits of organic food. Hoping for future studies comparing organic and conventionally grown produce, Colle looks forward to settling questions about the supposedly dubious quality of organic produce, which have been a recent plight for advocates of organic food.

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