CHILD IDENTITY THEFT A GROWING PROBLEM - Children are Increasingly Targeted by Identity Thieves, Don’t Discover Theft until Years Later

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Children are easy targets for identity thieves, making it necessary for parents to stay vigilant. If identity theft does occur, Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers offers free services to help get victims' lives back on track.

Newly released movie Identity Thief may make light of a stolen identity, but real identity theft is no laughing matter, especially when it happens to children. Javelin Strategy & Research’s “2012 Identity Fraud Report” proclaimed that roughly 5% of adults experience some degree of identity fraud, with total financial losses adding up to $18 billion in 2011. An increasingly grim problem, though, is that children too are becoming victims of identity theft.

In a study done by the Carnegie Mellon University CyLab, 10.2% of 40,000 children were found to be victims of identity theft, which is 51 times the rate for adults. The study goes on to explain that children are easy targets for identity thieves because they don’t need to use their Social Security Numbers just yet and don’t receive monthly credit reports like most adults, meaning thieves can abuse their information for a longer period of time before getting caught. Sometimes families don’t find out their child’s identity has been stolen until the child is much older. Sadly, at times the parents or a relative is the thief, which means the theft will most likely go unreported. Most other times, however, it’s a complete stranger doing the stealing. All some identity thieves need to steal a child’s identity is his or her full name and birthdate; others hack into databases to obtain children’s social security numbers. The children’s identities are then used for obtaining jobs, committing fraud, and paying off debts.

When parents find out about their child’s identity theft, they should immediately file a police report and contact a credit reporting agency to clean up their child’s credit. Credit attorney Gary Nitzkin of Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers understands the troubles that come with cleaning up after identity theft. Nitzkin offers free services to identity theft victims to help them overcome the roadblocks set up by credit reporting agencies.

With more and more of our lives and information going digital, it is becoming easier for cyber criminals to steal identities. Parents need to be ever watchful in monitoring their children’s information and credit to ensure their identities are safe.

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