Online Bed Quilt Responds to Discovery Of Genetic Changes Occurring From Lack Of Sleep

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Following an article published by CBS News, which describes a study finding genes slow down when a person is sleep-deprived, Online Bed Quilt stresses the importance of maintaining healthy sleep habits and suggests investing in quality beds.

On March 5, Online Bed Quilt, leading mattress-review company, responds to a new study reported by CBS News that found genes suffer from inactivity when a person does not get an adequate amount of sleep.

According to CBS News, losing sleep night after night can result in the slowdown of genes, putting people at risk for diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The study, published in the Feb. 25 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said that genetics could be changed when sleep is impaired.

Researchers of the study found that more than 700 genes in 26 different sleep-deprived subjects had experienced changes, CBS reports. The study’s co-author, Colin Smith, said these changes could get worse in people that are experiencing prolonged sleep deprivation.

Justin Maas, a representative from mattress review company Online Bed Quilt, said the evidence of negative health impacts associated with sleep deprivation is not new, but the discovery of genes slowing down is very important. “Sleep is extremely important and it’s the only time your body has a chance to regenerate and rejuvenate cells,” he said. “The sleep process should not be disturbed. Now that scientists know that genes actually slow down when people aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep, it could explain a lot of health issues and possibly help find new ways to treat patients with sleep disorders.”

Maas also said this discovery should encourage people to improve sleep habits. “People should start by examining the quality of beds in their households. Sometimes people are sleeping on old beds and they aren’t getting enough support for their body. This could decrease the ability for people to fall asleep, and eventually cause them to become sleep-deprived.”

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