The Back Clinic in Harley Street is the first UK clinic to use American designed MedX Machines to help back pain sufferers

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Back Pain affects millions of people in the UK. But there is hope, as The Back Clinic in Harley Street offers expert spinal rehabilitation using MedX technology from the USA.

Leaders in Spinal Rehabilitation

Chiropractic for eight months seemed to make things worse and, eventually, I was conscious of pain for 24 hours a day. It would flare up and radiate to my head and legs. Now I feel normal again: my back muscles have become my natural corset.

The Back Clinic is leading the way in helping people who are suffering with back pain. If you overhear someone say that they've tried everything, before going on to recite a list of remedies including physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, reflexology, facet joint injections, steroids, and even surgery, you do not have to be a doctor to guess that low back pain is the problem.

For many sufferers, the search for a cure is a ceaseless, depressing odyssey. But another treatment in the form of specialist spinal rehabilitation has arrived in this country to rekindle hope in those who have resigned themselves to learning to live with their pain.

The Back Clinic at 107 Harley Street is the first clinic to ever bring MedX, a £50,000 computerised machine that measures back strength and rejuvenates weakened back muscles to the UK. The MedX Lumbar Extension Machine isolates and measures the strength and range of motion of the crucial lumbar muscles. These run vertically on either side of the spine from the pelvic are: without them, the spine would collapse.

First the consultant physiotherapist uses the equipment to assess how the patient’s back muscle strength deviates from the average person with no back pain. A screen in front of the patient’s knees displays this measurement.

Then the physiotherapist supervises a sequence of exercises – bending forward and pushing back against resistance while using a very specific technique–, which are aimed specifically at the muscles in the lumbar region. Over 20 yrs of research shows that 2 sessions a week over 12 weeks will gradually restore these muscles to “normal strength”.

These state of the art MedX machines, which are already available in over a thousand clinics and hospitals in America and available at The Back Clinic in Harley Street, was invented by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus fitness equipment. He became convinced of a need for developing sports and fitness apparatus to be used for rehabilitation.

One sufferer, Tamara Brunner, 23, a student ballet dancer with the London Contemporary Dance School, has had serious back trouble since the age of 16, which was detrimental to her ballet career. After treatment twice a week for 3 months at The Back Clinic with physiotherapy and MedX, she now feels virtually pain free.

“I have very flexible joints, which I think led to my trouble,” she says. “Chiropractic for eight months seemed to make things worse and, eventually, I was conscious of pain for 24 hours a day. It would flare up and radiate to my head and legs. Now I feel normal again: my back muscles have become my natural corset.”

Most muscle strengthening regimes require three weekly workouts of up to an hour. But Dr Michael Fulton of the University of Florida suggests that the lower back may not require such frequent exercise: “The lumbar muscles are unique in that there can be rapid and enormous increases in strength after only brief weekly exercise. I would not have believed this a few years ago.”

Dr Fulton says that lower back machines used in health clubs and gyms such as Nautilus and Cybex, are more for hips and thighs. “They provide little or no meaningful exercise for the lumbar muscles.”

With MedX, he claims it is possible to increase the strength of the Lumbar extensor muscles by several hundred percent and even, in extreme cases, several thousand percent. The effects are noticeable even in those who already work out regularly.     

Professor Vert Mooney of orthopaedic surgery at the University Of California, San Diego, who was present at the MedX British launch at The Back Clinic, says: “For years, the focus used to be on abdominal muscles to help strengthen the back. But more recently, there has been increasing emphasis on the back muscles themselves. This treatment works and has already helped thousands of back pain sufferers get a lasting solution."

About us:
We are passionate about seeing people set free from the debilitating effects of lower back pain and is the only clinic in England that offers treatment consisting of spinal mobilisations and manipulations, combined with core stability training and rehabilitation on our MedX machines.

If you need more information please contact The Back Clinic at 107 Harley Street on 02074867711.

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