Easy-to-Use DIY Oil Change Vacuum Saves Money and the Environment

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With oil changes costing as much as $125 per visit, significant savings can be achieved by changing the oil yourself. A simple but effective oil vacuum from Bavarian Autosport eliminates the hassles (and potential spills!) associated with traditional oil changes that require crawling under the car to remove the drain plug.

Bavarian Autosport oil change vacuum.

The easy-to-use Bavarian Autosport oil change vacuum saves money and the environment.

The Bavarian Autosport oil extractor is one of the best oil vacuums on the market today.

With automotive dealerships charging as much as $125 for an oil change, changing it yourself is a great way to save money. There are two basic methods a car owner can use in a do-it-yourself (DIY) oil change. In the first method, the oil is drained from underneath by removing the oil pan drain plug. This would typically be accomplished by jacking up the car and supporting it with jack stands, or by driving the front wheels up onto ramps, or -- if there is enough ground clearance -- by simply crawling under the car. In all three of these examples, clothes get filthy, plus there's the risk of spilling dirty, sticky motor oil all over one's hands and/or the ground (a hazardous waste spill) when the drain plug is removed.

A better (and cleaner) way to accomplish this money-saving task is to simply open the car's hood and use a vacuum pump to suck the oil out through the dipstick tube. (Most cars have dipsticks; some newer models don't.) The Bavarian Autosport oil extractor is one of the better oil vacuums on the market today. Unlike expensive, commercial-grade extractors that are used in dealerships and repair shops, the Bavarian Autosport oil extractor was designed specifically to be affordable for DIYers. It features a rugged reservoir, a wide, stable base, three sturdy grab-handles, a high-quality pump, a pressure relief valve and a tight-fitting spout cap for no-spill carrying.

Using the Bavarian Autosport oil extractor couldn't be easier -- simply insert the included hose into the dipstick tube and start pumping the handle. There's no jacking, no crawling and no mess. As the user pumps, a noticeable resistance is encountered when the oil begins rising up through the hose -- just keep pumping until the reservoir begins to fill with oil. At this point, no more pumping is needed as the vacuum does the work, allowing the car owner to turn his or her attention to replacing the oil filter (a three minute job), or just sit in the shade with a beverage and wait for the reservoir fill up.

The oil extractor has a large, 7-liter capacity (7.5 quarts) which is large enough to handle the oil capacity of most vehicles. If the car or truck engine being worked on uses more than 7.5 quarts, simply stop the vacuum process when the reservoir is full, empty it and start again, vacuuming until all the oil is out of the engine. When the process is complete, remove the hose, plug the cap spout and set the unit aside until it can be transported it to an oil recycling center.

Since 1974, Bavarian Autosport has helped hundreds of thousands of BMW and MINI enthusiasts repair, restore, maintain and upgrade their automobiles. BMWs and MINIs are all they do at Bavarian Autosport, and their 3-story warehouse contains more than 400,000 factory original and aftermarket parts, accessories and upgrades, ready for shipping throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff of advisors (available by phone at no charge) have a combined 304 years of experience helping people work on their BMWs and MINIs. The company produces award-winning catalogs and newsletters, mailing more than 2 million pieces every year, and offers an online knowledgebase of more than 1,000 tech Q&A plus dozens of DIY videos at blog.BavAuto.com.

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