Path11 Productions LLC Premiers New Documentary About Out-of-Body Experiences at The Monroe Institute in Faber, VA

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Part II of a Documentary Trilogy, titled "The Path: Beyond the Physical", investigates consciousness, the phenomenon of out-of-body experiences and remote viewing


Beyond the Physical

"The seats to this private screening sold out within minutes and we had to open 75 more seats in order to fulfill our fan RSVP's", exclaims April Hannah and Michael Habernig, the filmmakers of the trilogy.

Over 200 people in Faber, VA will gather on March 9, 2013 at The Monroe Institute to watch the much anticipated premier of The Path: Beyond the Physical, the second documentary of a trilogy investigating topics about life after death, out-of-body experiences, multiple-dimensions, remote viewing, and all the realms that fall beyond outside of our physical bodies. The Path: Beyond the Physical (BTP) follows the 2009 release of The Afterlife, a film produced by April Hannah, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Holistic Healing practitioner from Catskill, NY, and directed by Mike Habernig, a filmmaker from Kingston, NY. "The seats to this private screening sold out within minutes and we had to open 75 more seats in order to fulfill our fan RSVP's", exclaims April Hannah and Michael Habernig, the filmmakers of the trilogy.

Much of the second film was shot on location in Faber, Va., at the site of the Monroe Institute, an experiential retreat center founded in 1974 by groundbreaking author Robert Monroe, a pioneer in the investigation of out-of-body experiences. All of the Path Documentary DVD Series will be showcasing the knowledge and opinions of many experts like the former President and Executive Director of the Monroe Institute in Faber, VA, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and research organization dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness, which is internationally known for its work with audio sound patterns that can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness, along with leading out-of-body expert William Buhlman, nuclear physicist, noted lecturer and explorer of consciousness Thomas Campbell, from Huntsville, Alabama. Many of the experts have extensive training and knowledge in remote viewing and out-of-body traveling.

"When compared to our first film Afterlife, Beyond the Physical is a much more in-depth film, getting detailed insights into the science of OBE's and Remote Viewing from our experts, whereas Afterlife just scratched the surface into the science of consciousness." states the producer of the film, April Hannah.

It has been almost two years since the original announcement of the release of this film. The filmmakers, April Hannah and Mike Habernig originally announced the release date of Spring 2012 but they fell short of being able to produce and edit the film in that amount of time. “The first film, The Afterlife focused on death and questioned does the soul live on once it leaves the physical body? Does consciousness continue? The second film, Beyond the Physical is meant to pick up where The Afterlife left off and begin to explore the non-physical realms in which the human soul can tap into at any given point. The scope of BTP, is a lot larger than we had originally anticipated. Our original outline of the film was all over the place and would have been very confusing to the viewer. After re-editing the film 3 times we were finally able to narrow our focus to the key subject matter of going ‘Beyond the Physical’”, explains Habernig.

“Given the content of The Path: Beyond the Physical and the feature of the full history of Robert Monroe’s journey after his out-of-body experience and the founding of hemi-sync technology in our film, we felt it was only right to have the first theatrical showing of the documentary to be held at the location in which we researched”, explains Hannah. Expert William Buhlman will be on site at the premier to answer questions after the film showing during the QnA panel which will also include the filmmakers Habernig and Hannah.

The Path: Beyond the Physical is currently only available for sale on DVD at the Path Series website and in the coming months, the film will be available at select retailers, catalog companies and also available in a streaming/download format. The Path: Afterlife can be purchased from the Path Series website, Amazon and is available for video download exclusively on GaiamTV the worlds largest online connection of conscious media.

About Path11 Productions LLC
Path11 Productions LLC, is a for profit, independent production company located in Ulster
County, NY. Path11 Productions LLC is dedicated to filming documentaries about
consciousness and healing. Path 11 Productions LLC was formed in the winter of 2008. The
first documentary called The Path: Afterlife was released in the spring of 2009. The Path:
Beyond the Physical, the second documentary in the trilogy series was released in February of

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