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The G1 license is a learner’s permit that allows new Ontario drivers to practice driving skills. Here is the set of restrictions for G1 drivers that help keep them safe as they learn to drive.

Driving Restrictions for G1 Drivers

The Ontario G1 driving restrictions are designed to keep new drivers safe on the road as they work on their driving skills. If you are planning on getting your G1 license this March break make sure to read up on the rules for G1 drivers that must be followed at all times. Drivers in violation of the Ontario G1 license rules could find themselves facing G1 license suspension or fines. These six G1 driving restrictions remain in place on your license until you pass the G2 exam.

1.    You must maintain a blood alcohol level of zero. G1 drivers are not permitted to have any alcohol at all in their system at any time when operating a vehicle. This is one of the G1 license restrictions that could result in a suspension if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol level above zero.

2.    A fully licensed driver with a blood alcohol level below 0.05% and four years minimum driving experience must be in the passenger seat. One of the G1 license rules requires G1 license holders to always have someone with four years experience and who is sober in the passenger seat. This G1 restriction ensures that a driver is available to take over at the wheel if necessary. You cannot have any other passengers in the front seat of the car to be in accordance with Ontario G1 restrictions. This is only one of the G1 passenger rules.

3.    You may not have more passengers in the vehicle than there are seatbelts. Although this is one of the G1 restrictions in Ontario, it is a general rule that should be followed even after passing the G1 test. This goes beyond G1 conditions as everyone in the car should always be wearing a seatbelt.

4.    G1 Ontario restrictions prohibit driving on 400 highways and high speed expressways. Among the driving restrictions for G1 license holders is that they can not drive on 400 highways. They are also prohibited from driving on any high-speed expressways. This is because they require more driving skill and higher speed.

5.    G1 driving hours are from 5:00 am through midnight. From midnight to 5:00 am, G1 drivers may not be on the road, even if they are in compliance with all of the other G1 restrictions. One of the G1 restrictions Ontario drivers must follow is the observance of G1 hours. This is designed to keep G1 drivers off the road during some of the most dangerous hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ontario G1 Licence Restrictions

Do G1 Drivers Need Insurance?
G1 insurance is usually provided by the parents or guardians of the G1 driver. If you are driving with a G1 license in Ontario, you do not need your own policy, nor will insurance companies provide a policy. Parents or guardians of a G1 driver should notify their insurance company immediately of anyone who obtains a G1 license in their home.

Can I Buy a Car With a G1 License?
You can buy a car at any time, but you will not be able to insure it under your own policy until you hold a full license. You may be able to insure the car under the policy of a parent or guardian.

What Do You Need to Bring to Get Your G1?
When you go to get your G1 drivers license, you will need to bring proof of your identity which shows your full name and your date of birth. You must also have identification with your signature. You can find a full list of the acceptable documents for license application here to meet G1 requirements.

Can You Drive After Getting Your G1?
Once you have passed the G1 license Ontario exam, you can drive as long as you are in compliance with all of the G1 regulations.

What Time Can You Drive With Your G1?
The legal G1 driving times are from 5:00am until midnight. During the hours from midnight through 5:00am, it is illegal for a G1 driver to be behind the wheel, even if all other G1 driver license restrictions are complied with.

Who Can a G1 Driver Drive With in Ontario?
G1 licence restrictions require that a G1 driver have someone in the passenger seat at all times who has held a full drivers license for at least four years. That person must have a blood alcohol level of less than 0.05%.

Can G1 Drivers Drive on the Highway?
G1 driver restrictions include limitations on which roads the driver can be on. For those holding a G1 license, Ontario highways with 400 numbers as well as high-speed expressways are off-limits. You may drive on highways other than these G1 limitations. If you are driving with a licensed driving instructor, these G1 license rules are lifted.

What is a G1 License in Ontario?
The G1 license is a learner’s permit that allows new Ontario drivers to practice driving skills. There are a set of restrictions for G1 drivers that help keep them safe as they learn to drive. The G1 is the first stage of Ontario’s graduated licensing system.

Can a G1 Driver Drive in the USA?
G1 license Ontario rules apply to your license no matter where you are. No matter where you are driving you must follow the rules of your license. Whether or not you can drive with your G1 license, even in compliance with all restrictions, may depend on the laws of the state you are in. You should verify these laws before driving.

Can a G1 Driver Drive With a Child?
A child may be a passenger in the car as long as there is an appropriate seat belt or car seat in use and the child is not in the front seat with the G1 driver. G1 driving restrictions Ontario drivers must follow include the law that there must be a seat belt for every passenger, and it must be in use.

Can G1 Drivers Drive Without Insurance?
A G1 driver is not required to have their own insurance policy. It is important to note that every vehicle on the road in Ontario must be insured. G1 drivers are usually covered under the policy of a parent or guardian but not officially listed on the policy as a driver.

Can You Drive in the Evening With a G1 License?
Yes, you can drive in the evening, up until midnight, as long as you are in compliance with all other G1 license restrictions.

Can You Drive at Midnight With a G1 in Ontario?
No, G1 license restrictions Ontario drivers must comply with prohibit driving between midnight and 5:00am.

How Long Does it Take to find out if You Got Your G1 License?
You will be notified of a pass or fail on the G1 license test immediately following the exam.

Are G1 Drivers Allowed to Have a Passenger in the Car?
G1 drivers can have passengers in the car as long as they each have a seat belt, and the passenger in the front seat is a fully licensed driver of at least four years. No other passengers are permitted in the front seat.

Can You Drive With a G2 With a Fully Licensed Driver in the Front Seat?
G2 drivers can drive without any other drivers required to be in the vehicle, at any time.

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