Mattress Delivery Store, Online Bed Quilt, Responds to a Study Showing How Working Out Improves Sleep

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Following a CBS News report, which details a study suggesting working out before bed improves sleep, mattress delivery store Online Bed Quilt recommends exercise for people suffering from lack of sleep.

On March 8, mattress delivery company Online Bed Quilt responds to a new study reported by CBS News revealing the connection between exercise and sleep.

According to CBS News, the National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 Sleep in America poll discovered that people who exercise said they had a better sleep than those who did not work out.

Sleep researcher Max Hirshkowitz says to CBS News, “We found that exercise and great sleep go together, hand in hand. We also found a step-wise increase in how vigorous the quality is, in terms of how much you exercise. So, if you exercise a lot, we found better sleep quality. For people who don’t exercise at all, we found more sleep problems.”

According to CBS News, “Interestingly enough, exercising close to bedtime or earlier in the day did not affect sleep quality.”

Non-exercisers had trouble staying awake while driving, eating or keeping conversation at least once per week, reports CBS News. About 44 percent of these non-exercisers also showed symptoms of moderate sleep apnea.

Justin Maas, a representative from mattress delivery store, Online Bed Quilt, says exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle and it promotes regular sleep habits. “This can be really good for someone who has sleep problems. When our bodies are tired from exercising, it’s easier for us to fall asleep.”

Maas says the study is a breakthrough, because it shows the relationship between health and sleep. “People often have misconceptions about why they can’t sleep,” he says. “Usually it has to do with your mattress, but it also has to do with your health. If you’re unhealthy, eat a poor diet and don’t exercise, there’s a good chance your body is keeping you awake at night. This study just further proves that sleep is directly affected by your lifestyle choices. If you want to sleep better, you should begin exercising for at least 10 minutes each day. This will not only improve your sleep, but also your daily bodily functions.”

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