Brain World Magazine - Spring Issue Is Out

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Brain World magazine's spring issue on the Mind-Body Connection is out with articles on meditation, mindfulness and states of consciousness.

Mindfulness training has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even heart disease and strokes.

Brain World magazine's spring issue investigates how thinking and feeling can positively or negatively affect biological functioning and more specifically how eating, exercise and even posture can impact mental states. This is the mind-body connection that influences everything from decisions made in speed-dating to utilizing cutting-edge sports-performance training called "Neurotopia" to take on the attributes of a favorite athlete’s brain, both detailed in the pages of Brain World's spring issue.

Through the ages, human beings have been obsessed with altering states of consciousness. Brain World's spring issue explores the why, the how, and the possibilities for health benefits of altered states of consciousness while profiling the eminent Dr. William Tiller, of What the Bleep Do We Know? fame, who speaks of an “information medicine,” where healing through intention occurs.

Mental states can be fully conscious or unconscious. How another person feels is read by facial expressions or gestures. But what about coma patients who suffer from locked-in syndrome? Brain World delivers an engaging Q&A with Dr. Adrian Owens about his remarkable work on breaking through the barriers of communication in this coma conundrum.

The cost of evolution is the modern-day disease of stress. Mind-body therapies abound, teaching how to become more conscious of mental states and using this increased awareness towards a better, less destructive direction. Brain World's spring issue delves into the neuroscience which now confirms that brain’s chemistry can be changed by a continued repetition of a type of thinking, negative or positive. Articles on mindfulness and meditation as a natural way to bring about homeostasis abound, even instructing parents on how to teach children mindfulness modalities.

In exploring the mind-body connect, Brain World's spring issue hopes to provide a greater understanding of the brain's enormous healing powers which can lead to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful planet.

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