Hair Restoration Center Expands Procedures for Hair Loss Treatment for Men

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Men experiences hair loss and thinning hair can turn to the trusted team of experts at hair restoration for an ever-growing number of treatment options.

Dr. Carlos Puig and the Hair Restoration Center have recently begun offering several new hair loss treatments for men. Dr. Puig has long been at the forefront of new burgeoning treatments, and is confident that these latest hair restoration options will yield even greater results for his patients.

Hair Restoration
The latest treatment currently offered by Dr. Puig and his team include single hair grafts. single hair grafts may be used to transplant hair follicles to areas where hair growth has ceased. A follicular unit transplant technique may be used to transplant groups of three to four strands of hair at a time. For those individuals who may not be suitable for these types of restoration techniques, scalp reduction may be suitable. There are several hair restoration techniques that Dr. Carlos Puig and his team at the Hair Restoration Center use. Many men have some healthy, natural hair that is growing in abundance in some areas of their scalp, and various techniques can be used to transplant their own natural hair into these areas.

Laser Restoration
Dr. Puig is also now treating his patients with the innovation laser hair restoration treatment known as the HairMax Laser Comb. This treatment is effective at stopping or slowing down hair loss in over six out of 10 patients, and it can initiate new hair growth in almost four out of 10 patients. Treatments are intended to be offered three times a week with short sessions that require about 10 to 15 minutes of the patient’s time. 

Pharmaceutical Treatments
Copper is a critical natural element that is processed and used by the body to promote and regulate proper function as well as growth and development. Some of Dr. Puig's patients have begun to receive a surgical hair transplant with GraftCyte, a post-operative treatment that contains copper. It is used to promote accelerated healing and improved hair growth in the recently transplanted hair follicles. 

Specialty Hair Restoration
While hair loss on the scalp is common, hair loss may also be present on the eye lashes, eye brows, beard area and other areas of the body. The Hair Restoration Center provides specialty hair restoration services that can now be used to expertly create attractive results using natural hair. Impressive skill must be used with specialty hair restoration services to create the desired results, and Dr. Carlos Puig has been providing these services to patients for many years with great results.

Hair loss in men is fairly common, and many men who suffer from hair loss are actively searching for an effective treatment will provide them with a full head of natural-looking hair. Some men may accept their hair loss and may even decide to shave their head completely once hair loss becomes significant. However, others have made the decision to look for long-term or permanent treatment options to combat hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is among the most common types of permanent hair loss in men, and the first signs of it may be present in a man’s mid-20s. This condition may ultimately result in complete baldness over time. Hair restoration services from Dr. Carlos Puig at the Hair Restoration Center may restore a full head of healthy, natural hair and improve a man’s physical appearance.

The Hair Restoration Center has been dedicated to providing its patients with the most advanced techniques for hair restoration available. Dr. Carlos Puig was named one of Texas Magazine’s “Houston’s Top Doctors” for 2012, and specializes in treating hair loss. Hair loss can affect a person’s physical appearance, and as a result, it may affect their level of self-confidence and their self-image. Ultimately, hair loss can have effects on a person’s personal and professional life alike, but there are many treatment options available. Dr. Puig has devoted his career to providing clients with natural, healthy-looking results. Those who are suffering from the effects of hair loss, and who would like more information about treatment options, may contact the Hair Restoration Center at 866-314-5273 or visit the company’s website,

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