Joshua Fink Comments on New Article Offering Tips for Outdoor Sports Safety

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A new article offers tips for eliminating risks and preventing injury while participating in outdoor activities this winter.

Joshua Fink has released a new statement to the press where he supports the information published in a new article from Health magazine. The piece offers thoughts on staying safe while participating in outdoor activities this winter.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states that the outdoor winter sports season is in full swing, which means that many individuals can benefit from a reminder about winter sports safety practices. The AAOS spokesperson, Dr. Anand Murthi, noted the following in a statement to the press, “As with all sports, there are numerous things to consider before getting into the game. Winter sports are no different.”

The AAOS encourages winter sports participants to dress properly each time they head out to snowboard, ski, snowshoe, or sled. This includes wearing layers of light, loose clothing that are both wind and water-resistant. Layering allows an individual to stay protected from cold temperatures, without getting overheated by wearing a bulky parka.

Winter sports enthusiasts are also reminded to engage in a thorough warm up before getting involved in their favorite outdoor activities. This helps to prevent muscle, tendon, and ligament injury. To further protect your body, an athlete is advised to stay in shape and engage in muscle conditioning exercises before the winter sports season begins. Individuals over 50 should also consider having a physical before participating in a winter sport, to ensure that the activity won’t cause harm or aggravate an existing medical condition.

Should fatigue or soreness set it, participants should cease participation in the activity and head home for the day. Joshua Fink, who enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, and fishing, believes in the importance of the AAOS’s recommendations stating, “Though it’s tempting to continue participating in the activity that you’re enjoying, ignoring your body can sideline you for weeks. It’s best to pack it in early and avoid injury.

When you’re spending prolonged time outdoors, it’s also crucial that you stretch and get your muscles loosened up prior to embarking in your outdoor pursuits.”

For those who are planning to spend the day outside, it is essential to pay attention to the weather report. Unexpected blizzards and ice can make it difficult to get to and from a chosen spot. When temperatures drop rapidly, hypothermia or frostbite can set in. The AAOS recommends ensuring that the weather is suitable prior to embarking on a day of skiing, snowboarding, and other sports. Joshua Fink supports these advisories, reminding outdoors enthusiasts that safety should remain a priority at all times.


Joshua Fink actively participates in outdoor sports, and enjoys spending his time hiking, fishing, and canoeing. As a youth, he was an avid mountain climber and has scaled some of the world’s tallest peaks.

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