Former Cisco Executive, James Massa, joins Equip's Relay Walk to Guatemala for Leadership Transformation

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HiViz LED Lighting supports Massa’s Loom Enterprises working with John Maxwell’s Equip Leadership, Inc. initiative to transform leaders around the world.

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James Massa

Guatemala is an excellent focal nation for Transformation because it is such a dichotomy. It has extreme issues …yet it's a rich, beautiful nation with wonderful people. There is no finer future hope for Guatemala than in its young leaders.

HiViz LED Lighting is pleased to announce their support of Loom Enterprises, the consulting company founded by former Cisco Systems executive James Christopher Massa’ to help companies and organizations build “Relationships that Transform”. James Massa, former VP and Chief Strategist for Global Government Solutions at Cisco Systems, has committed to walk in the World Relay Walk to Guatemala started by Equip Leadership, Inc. as one of its Leadership Transformation initiatives. Equip is a non-profit global leadership development organization founded in 1996 by leadership author and speaker John Maxwell to develop effective international Christian leaders.

John Hull, president of Equip announced in late 2012 his intention to walk from the location of the future John Maxwell Leadership Center in Duluth, Georgia, to Guatemala. The walk, was formed to challenge the more than three million leaders taught by Equip Leadership around the world to ignite the momentum they have begun into a movement for profound and radical change in each leader’s sphere of influence. Initially scheduled to begin in January 2013, the walk was delayed until March 4, 2013 so as to allow broader participation by leaders around the world. Since then, the walk has taken on more of a relay format, in which people are able to join the walk for an hour, a mile or a day. Similar walks will occur simultaneously in other areas around the world.

"John Maxwell is world-renowned for his teachings on leadership and as you would find in his ‘21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’, it is important to attract other great leaders,” Massa states and then continues, “Clearly Maxwell has attracted such a leader with John Hull, who not only has the vision to suggest this walk, but the leadership to organize a team to execute it and the willingness to put boots on the ground or sneakers to the pavement as it were, to lead it forward.”

The walk consists of nearly 2400 miles achieved by walking on average of 22 miles a day for over 100 days. John Hull, President of Equip, told James Massa in a recent conversation before he began the walk, "I committed to the Lord to walk the entire path by myself if needed," Massa reports John continued with, "However, He has been gracious and brought alongside me many others to make the walk with me. This is really much bigger than we imagined. We want to be as inclusive as possible."

“Guatemala is an excellent focal nation for transformation, because it is such a dichotomy. It has extreme social issues, including poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition,”says Massa. “And yet, it is a rich and beautiful nation with wonderful people. I have been involved with supporting its current and future leaders for a decade. There is no finer example of the future hope for Guatemala than in its young leaders such as Manuel Espina."

Manuel Espina is the founder of Guatemala Prospera, an apolitical, non-religious and non-profit association formed by businessmen whose primary objective is to be part of the change in Guatemala, through principles and values. Massa continues, “Manuel has grown in so many ways and been blessed to have many leaders come along side him. One leader of particular note is Jerry Anderson, President of LaRed Business Network

Jerry Anderson is a successful businessman in his own right, having started and established one of the largest and most successful DISH network franchises in the United States. He is now involved in a variety of other businesses ranging from hotel to alternative fuels. Anderson first met Massa in 2003 in Guatemala while attending the first Guatemala Prospera conference, an event at which Massa spoke. Since then, Massa has been involved or influential in a variety of Guatemala events ranging from additional Guatemala Prospera conferences, to small group teaching on finances, to extremely large events such as the Luis Palau Festival in Guatemala City in 2006. Anderson has been involved with Espina with multi-year implementation in Guatemala of the Character Transformation Principles taught by LaRed Business Network to a variety of government, education, and business entities throughout Guatemala. Espina has recently become the Guatemala Country President for LaRed. Anderson’s close relationship with Maxwell has now opened the opportunity for Maxwell to work with LaRed and Guatemala Prospera in this Leadership Transformation initiative.

“Our Mission at HiViz LED Lighting is to bring high-quality lighting solutions to markets where visibility is key to meeting deadlines and overcoming obstacles,” says Sam Massa, owner of HiViz LED Lighting. “In a way John, Jerry, James, and Manuel are all doing the same thing. They bring a leadership light that changes the darkness so that the obstacles to transformation can be overcome.”

“I believe the Transformation in Guatemala goes back at least to the late 1940’s when the Guatemala played a key role of global leadership by standing with other nations, such as the United States, and casting the deciding vote for statehood for the nation of Israel,” says James Massa, Sam’s father. James continues, “This was followed by isolated transformations in certain cities in the 1960’s, such as Almolonga, that is now a great producer of vegetables and other produce." James concludes, “As you know, Guatemala went through a 36-year civil war which took great leadership to bring to an end only as recently as 1996. Now, although the nation faces many challenges, a new generation of leaders is working with the existing leaders to bring hope to the nation by working to transform Guatemala’s seven areas of culture. It is an exciting time for this nation.”

Massa’s references what Youth with a Mission’s founder, Len Cunningham, and Campus Crusade for Christ’s founder, Bill Bright defined in the late 1970’s as the 7 Spheres of Influence for any culture. These seven areas are Church, Family, Education, Government, the Arts, Media, and Business. Equip Leadership describes these same area as 7 Streams of Influence and teaches leaders how to be influential in whichever area they have influence. In complement to this, Massa’s Loom Enterprises, teachers leaders how to form successful relationships among the leaders of each area of influence, thus weaving together a strong culture, community, business, or nation.

Loom Enterprises’ role in the movement of Transformation is described by Massa in this way, “Transformation begins with the character transformation of leaders. That is the work so well taught and implemented by Anderson’s LaRed. Maxwell’s Equip does just as its name implies and equips those leaders with vital leadership skills so as to increase their effectiveness at whatever they do,“ Massa continues, “What we do at Loom Enterprises is teach the Transformed Leaders a tool that allows them to weave together what we call “capital ‘R’ Relationships” through implementing 7 Timeless Principles. With this tool and principles they can, together, with each doing their own part in their own area of influence, form a strong cultural chord which cannot be easily broken.”

There are a variety of expenses and a significant opportunity cost for Massa to spend nearly 100 days walking with John Hull to Guatemala. You can support Massa by contacting him at jmassa(at)loomllc(dot)com. If you want to support the expenses of such, Loom Enterprises has teamed up with Kingdom Purposes, a 501c3 organization whose purpose is to provide funding to other organizations doing works of social good so that your support can be tax deductible. All donations to Kingdom Purposes identified for the Walk to Guatemala will be used to cover expenses associated with the walk and if there are any funds remaining, they will be contributed to organizations that address the pressing concerns in Guatemala. Finally, if you want to participate in the World Relay Walk to Guatemala you can sign up to do so at

HiViz LEDs is located in Lillington, NC and is owned and operated by entrepreneur and firefighter, Sam Massa. For more information about how the HiViz line of FireTech LED lighting solutions can address your fleets lighting requirements or how HiViz Field and Stadium can reduce you warehouse, parking, or athletic field area lighting costs, email sales(at)hivizleds(dot)com or calling the office at 703-662-3458.

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