Yumi Media Wants a “Brighter and Meatless Future”

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In response to a recent article detailing the significant positive environmental changes that could develop from a predominantly meatless diet, Yumi Media encourages non-vegetarians to change their diets for a “brighter and meatless future.”

On March 7, Yumi Media, a food website devoted to food news, recipes, and products for a healthy lifestyle, speaks in favor of a meat-free lifestyle to diminish the environmental impact of global food production.

Food Navigator USA discusses the presentations at the recent 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, where various speakers asserted that “if we are to have any hope of feeding [nine billion] people by 2050, they will have to be on a predominantly vegetarian diet.”

According to Food Navigator USA, the results of recent Loma Linda research “showed conclusively that those consuming a vegan diet were responsible for the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.” Vegans and vegetarians, taken as a group, were found to emit 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their meat-eating counterparts. The researchers also assessed the data in terms of health outcomes, confirming recent findings from other studies which suggest that vegans and vegetarians have “a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.”

“The nutritional paradigm has changed,” said one of the presenters at the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition. “Meat and dairy used to be considered essential in the diet in large proportions, but now we know that plant-based diets are healthier and more sustainable.”

“We have been molded to think that meat is our only way of gaining enough nutrients within our diet,” comments Justin Maas, Yumi Media representative. “The human race has drastically tried to change the way they live to benefit the planet over the last thirty years. We recycle more; we drive electric vehicles; we use less plastic and try to buy more energy efficient light bulbs. But for some reason, we have a problem letting go of that cheeseburger.”

Maas adds that, in his personal life, he was able to gradually eat less meat by relying on healthy meat alternative products like Quorn that allowed him to keep using his favorite recipes. “If the majority of the human race changed their diet to a meat-free lifestyle and ate food more like Quorn, this world could have the brighter and meatless future we always hoped for.”

Yumi Media is a food website devoted to delivering the latest and greatest in food news, recipes, and products to incorporate into your own healthy lifestyle. Launched in 2012, Yumi Media was founded by a group of friends as a way to explore their mutual love of food while sharing that love with the community at large. Whether you’re looking for something cutting-edge, comfort food like mom used to make or something in between, Yumi Media is your one-stop resource.


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