AVX Diet Plan puts Diet supplements back on the map

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Activ8 X, which is a popular diet supplement in the UK, is releasing a game changing diet plan that looks to finally drag the reputation of the industry out of the mud.

The Diet Supplement industry over the past 20 years has been tainted by a seemingly never ending list of 'cowboy' companies looking to get as much money out of the consumer by promoting their products as 'magic pills' and covering their websites and packaging with false claims.

This reputation has recently started to slowly improve as advertising regulations have been both tightened and better enforced. Companies like GlaxoSmithKline have even felt comfortable getting into the mix with there diet pill 'ALLI' and with good effective products starting to make there way into the market the UK's dieters have started to prove more willing to give diet supplements a go.

However something is still missing from the concept of a weight loss supplement. The idea that people can just pop a pill and suddenly the weight will just drop off easily is clearly too good to be true and deep down dieters all know this. However diet supplement manufacturers still insist on promoting their products as diet pill first and poorly constructed diet plan as an afterthought if that (most diet supplements don't even have a diet plan to go alongside). This just results in disappointment for the consumer and ultimately block the genuine help that diet supplements can give supplementing a diet plan (instead of the other way round).

Enter the AVX diet plan and Activ8 X diet supplement

The AVX diet plan in its own right is special. Based upon 5 key principles of losing weight which are as follows :

1. Weight loss through healthy eating
2. A hungerless diet through no limits on certain 'good' foods
3. Sustainability with 2 days off (within limits) a month
4. Enjoyment of dieting through top chef recipes and great snack ideas
5. Maximising results through an effective Diet Supplement

Placing itself somewhere in the middle of Slimming World and Weight Watchers it has its own unique credit system and free foods, there are no calorie or food type restrictions giving AVX dieters control and flexibility over what they eat.

To lose weight, effort is always needed, and the AVX Diet plan does require effort in planning and getting into the routine, but in exchange it gives amazing results with the pain and self control required in following a standard diet plan replaced by enjoyment of eating good foods, and finally utilising the power of a diet supplement in the way any supplement is supposed to be utilised : as an added help not the complete solution.

The AVX Diet plan has just completed its testing and is due to launch in mid April 2013, watch this space.

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