REST Report Provides New Hope For Homeowners Via LoanSafeMods

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LoanSafeMods has recently launched an array of useful analytical tools for homeowners.

For those seeking reliable information on mortgage modification, offers the perfect opportunity. The Real Estate Services And Technology Report (REST Report) gives homeowners the ability to find out what they qualify for before actually submitting the application.

Most people looking for foreclosure alternatives follow the same route: they submit information about themselves including their hardship letter, their paycheck receipts, their tax returns and their application. With the help of these things they hope to portray their fiscal situation. Then they sit back and wait, hoping the bank will look at their application favorably and approve their mortgage modification request. However there are number of issues with this approach. The REST report aims to resolve these issues and make loan modification a simpler, more pleasant process for the property owner.

Before the advent of the REST report, loan modification was something extremely complex and time consuming. Homeowners had to face a number of serious problems. Firstly, it wasn’t easy to decide whether to go for modification or short sale. Therefore homeowners often ended up making the wrong decision and wasting their time and energy. Secondly, the waiting period of 8 to 12 months was extremely stressful for the applicant. Nothing could be done to expedite the process and have an application approved before time. Thirdly, a homeowner couldn’t challenge the decision of his lender because he had little to no information about the modification process. Lastly, lenders frequently turned down applications because the applicant was unable to pass the NPV test. The REST report has eliminated all of these problems and made the life of property owners easier than ever before.

With the help of the REST report a homeowner can find out exactly what he or she qualifies for in as little as 48 hours. It can also be used to find the errors in an application that has been rejected by the lender. In addition, this report is known to decrease the processing time considerably. Banks and lending companies respond quickly to applications that have this report attached to them. The REST report has helped millions of homeowners across America to get approved for loan modifications they deserve. Although it is a third-party analysis tool, it is trusted by lenders and homeowners alike because it uses the same criteria while testing applications that well-known banks and financial institutions use. This system was designed for the sole purpose of making the lives of homeowners easier. If a homeowner feels that his application should have been approved, he or she can take the matter to court and use the REST report to prove the fact that modification is a better idea than foreclosure., a licensee of REST, aims to educate and help people looking for foreclosure alternatives. Now property owners can get all the important information regarding REST and use a number of advanced tools by visiting this website. The company behind has a great reputation in the mortgage industry. Click here for more info.

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